Tandoori Chicken – Licking These Bones Clean!

Tandoori Chicken - Licking These Bones Clean!
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When it comes to North Indian food, tandoori chicken is one of the most well known dishes. More street food here – http://migrationology.com/

When I was in Agra, India, I came across a street food kiosk known as “Time 2 Eat Mama Chicken Mama Franky House.” This is not a joke, this is the real name of the restaurant, and what a restaurant it is! Now there are two different sides to this restaurant, one that served only vegetarian food and the other that served delicious meat dishes. I chose the non-vegetarian side and quickly noticed their racks of red colored tandoori chicken waiting to be ordered. Along with a stack of tandoori roti, I ordered myself a plate of a ¼ tandoori chicken.

As soon as I placed my order, the vendor quickly added a few skewers of tandoori chicken into the tandoor oven and began to heat them up and fully cook them. The slapped a few balls of dough on the oven to form them into roti shapes and using a little pillow he placed them on the side of the oven. In just moments the chicken was sizzling and the tandoori rotis were bubbled up and ready to be served.

The tandoori chicken came on a plate that included some red onions, some incredible green yogurt coriander sauce, and the magnificent piece piece of tandoori chicken hacked up into small pieces. The rotis were served on a separate plate. I’ve have tandoori chicken quite a number of times, but this was probably the best tandoori chicken I’ve ever had. It was moist and extremely flavorful and I really enjoyed it. If you ever go to Agra, India, along with visiting the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort, go to the Sadar Bazar and stop by Mama Chicken for some tasty tandoori chicken!

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  1. Mark by seeing Ur face expression after u eat my daughter wants d same dish to taste … Very difficult fr me to cook my daughter is 2 yrs old … May God bless you and your family….

  2. Who is thinking for the song in background…
    Its "if you lie you die" by gajendra verma from Table no.21
    Thanks me later. See ya

  3. I love Tandoori Chicken!!!

    I was pregnant in Delaware, and that's what I craved every day. My husband took me to a buffet during his lunch hour. I also got salad and spinach with cheese.
    Unfortunately my lovely husband passed away when our son was 1 year old.

    Our son will be 17 years old in July.

    We love Indian tandoori chicken! Naaaaan!

  4. Guys.. see India is still a developing country.. it is overcrowded n all.. but u see.. now steps are taken to make it a better place.. and literally the variety of food here is amazing.. it has rich cultures and traditions.. there's always a good and a bad side to everything.. u cannot judge something just by seeing only one side of it.. soo plzz.. I request u all not to speak bad about India or any other country.. everything has its own beauty..
    And Mark.. I really really love ur videos soo much..!!!!♥♥

  5. U r an awesome youtuber bro u deserve 10m subs the respect u give to the locals and the beautiful culture is just amazing man

  6. I can stay away from anything but not tandoori chicken…its my absolute favorite chicken dish in the world…

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