Most FATAL Jaw Dropping Plane Crashes Caught On Camera

Most FATAL Jaw Dropping Plane Crashes Caught On Camera
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I do not own copyright for any of the clips in this video, I just made compilation of those clips for public to see.

Description of this video :

Taipei, Taiwan – February 4th 2015 – The ATR-72-600 operated by TransAsia takes off from Taipei with 58 people onboard. Within a minute after lift off, the right-hand engine flames out, but the crew shut down the left-hand engine. Therefore, engines were not anymore able to give power to the aircraft. The crew declares an emergency. The plane looses altitude, hit a taxi on a viaduct with its left wing and crashes in the Keelung River. 15 occupants are injured, and 43 occupants are killed. Both occupants of the taxi receive minor injuries.

Amazing landing of a Boeing 767 at the Birmingham airport, England. The video shows the aircraft swaying wildly in the air in crosswinds of up to 40mph. But the pilot skilfully manages to keep control.

July 6th 2013 – San Francisco airport, CA, USA – The Boeing 777-200 operated by Asiana Airline took off from Seoul, South Korea, for a passenger flight to San Francisco, CA, USA. 291 passengers and 16 crewmembers were onboard. During landing, the plane touched down short of runway impacting the edge separating the runway from the San Francisco Bay, and crashed. 3 people were killed in the accident, 10 people were seriously injured, and 120 people were injured. The majority of survivors escaped without injuries.

29th April 2013 – Bagram, Afghanistan – The Boeing 747-400 freighter operated by National Air Cargo on behalf of US Mobility Command took off from Bagram, Afghanistan, for a cargo flight to Dubai Al Maktoum, United Arab Emirates. 7 crewmembers and cargo consisting of 5 military vehicles were onboard. The plane stalled shortly after takeoff and crashed, killing all the 7 people onboard.
A car driver on a road next to the Bagram airport caught the aircraft climbing out, stalling and coming down on his car camera.

29th December 2012 – Moscow, Russia – Footage shot from a car that collided with a Red Wings Tupolev 204. The car was circulating on the highway M3 when the TU-204 overan Moscow airport runway, broke up and ended on the highway. The TU-204 was performing a positioning flight from Pardubice, Czech Republic, to Moscow, Russia. 8 crew were onboard. 5 crew were killed, and 3 received serious injuries. The car driver has not been injured.

June 20th 2012 – This ANA All Nippon Airways Boeing 767-300 performing flight from Beijing, China, to Tokyo, Japan, with 193 people on board, made a hard landing at Tokyo Airport. The plane bounced off and touched down a second time nose gear first before the aircraft settled on the runway, rolled out and taxied to the apron.
No injuries occurred, the aircraft received substantial damage: the fuselage skin received numerous serious creases.

November 1st 2011 – This LOT Airlines Boeing 767-35DER made a gear-up landing at Warsaw Airport, Poland. The airplane carried 230 passengers, and no one was injured.
The plane came from Newark, NJ, U.S.A. During the flight the airplane suffered a hydraulic system failure. While on approach to Warsaw’s runway 33, the crew managed to deploy the flaps for landing but the undercarriage could not be lowered. The airplane entered a holding pattern at 2750 feet but the gear could not be deployed. The crew decided to make a belly landing.

This CAA Cargo Boeing 727 overshoots the runway on takeoff due to overweight in the aircraft.

This Ilyushin IL-18 Coot, operated by DHL, aborts take-off from the 8202ft long airstrip at Cabinda, Angola. But the airstrip is not long enough.

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  1. I always get sacred of flight travel…if misfortune happens Escape and survival will say you I'm not reachable at the moment.

    Seeing death in front of eyes face to face is heartlessly horrific and terrible to even imagine…

  2. At 3:25 I would say that someone was shit-canned over that landing. That aircraft looks totalled by the looks of those pics when it was at the hanger.

  3. The one at 2mins 🙁
    (At least though the person in the car knew that something was wrong she/he is the only one who stopped
    But it must have been horribly saddening to be the witnessed of that (and traumatic too)
    Rip to all the lives lost ?

    (Edit : this compilation is horrible
    I have ptsd irl and i should not be watching this
    Still….. )

  4. 2:13. I've NEVER seen a jumbo jet stall like that before, I wonder what happened as passenger planes aren't capable of even a 40 degree angle (turn/climb) without the plane sustaining serious damage like the entire tail breaking off as the pilot pulls up too hard. Thus it's crazy to see one at a 90 degree angle fully intact.

  5. The crash at about the 2:00 mark – you know those passengers were making their peace with whoever they pray to and the "LOT" plane belly landing, serious props to the pilots on that

  6. Don't these plane even land on auto mode looks like some tryed to land without auto guidance ?????and da gear down we don't need no stinking gear,watch this…I hope he had to repaint the belly all by his self,here u go get back flying will take paint out of ur pay

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