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  1. People always seem surprised when lightning strikes and the sun is shining. Lightning can travel up to 20 miles to hit the ground, so please respect its power. I was in a car one time when I was 9 yrs old. Suddenly, I saw hundreds of fingers of electricity right in front of me and everything looked really white like we got put in a big white envelope. Then came the thunder. Before that experience, lightning never used to scare me.

  2. I was near a stopped train and lightning hit one of the cars 50 feet away. Scariest thing ever, Ears were ringing, could only see a bright line for about 15 minutes, felt the shock in the ground. Scary stuff

  3. I was sitting on my front porch one day and a lightning bolt hit a palm tree about 30 feet away. Everything lit up a pure, bright white. Palm fronds were still falling out of the sky 30 seconds later. Loudest noise I ever heard.

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