36 Examples of Dangerous Overtaking – Really Stupid Drivers !!!

36 Examples of Dangerous Overtaking - Really Stupid Drivers !!!
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36 Examples of Dangerous Overtaking – Really Stupid Drivers !!! – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. Hope they realize that it hardly saves any time from the commute…driving 70 instead of 60 for 60 miles (or km since most of these shits are Europeans) saves you 8 minutes and that's assuming there is no other car along the way.now translate that into a 15 mile (km) commute, you save less than 2 minutes… for risking you and others' lives.

  2. 0:04 yes..report the twat!..there is a clear frame of the number plate at about 0:06….just a frame is enough.(pause and press comma or period to go back or forward a frame.) I googled the number…the incident has its very own reddit thread, plus some choice comments on the 'rate-driver.co.uk' site.

  3. daily affair in India!! Especially Kerala…watch how KSRTC buses in Kerala goes with no abs or power bakes or power steering !! they just got only accelerators!!!

  4. I always say: when these stupid drivers run and overtaking that way, it's because they're going to get their mother in the whorehouse.

  5. They say don't let driving get into your head. It is just fucking driving, big fucking deal there will always be dumb asses and assholes on the road, just don't become one when you see one.

  6. Bus driver in the video, yeah, i find many of viewers get annoyed with that…it has very long story why they drive like that. Its in indonesia. pay a visit here. See it personally, and you'll have different pov ?

    Bcus road condition's here and the law is not as good as europe or america

    But I can tell you that bus driver here is the most skillfull driver in the road

    "Dangerous".. I totally agree with that word, but if you drive here…you'll understand. It's way different than it looks like

  7. best is, when those idiots criple themselves and are unable to drive and to risque innocent lives ever again, so they will remember their mistakes the rest of their misrable lives

  8. this fucking people not only dont deserve to have driving license,BUT should not born in this world.especially the driver bus,which was located neighbouring of my country..fucking stupid.

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