106 Year Old Cook Is World’s Oldest YouTuber

106 Year Old Cook Is World’s Oldest YouTuber
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A 106-YEAR-OLD cook has become a YouTube sensation after her great grandson posts videos of her traditional dishes. Great grandmother Mastanamma has just celebrated her 106th birthday – making her one of the oldest YouTubers. Mastanamma – or Granny as she is lovingly known – has gained over 200,000 subscribers on her channel Country Foods thanks to great grandson Laxman for showing off her culinary skills.

Videographer / director: Chandra Sena
Producer: Shatabdi Chakrabarti, Ruby Coote
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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  1. Arey pakodi granny really awesome one of the best living person in the earth ani annav ga granny basic needs patinchukoo beyyyy pagal

  2. Lovely… good jOb dear…aapne new generation ko inspired kiya hai ..jis age log apne maa-baap k liy nahi sochte…us time apne grandmother k liy channel bna k bahut acha kam kiya…apk jaise grand child sabko mile.god bless you and your family.

  3. Awsome super cute master chef grandma. You are the fabulous woman. ??????????????????????????????Number 1 grandma ??

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