People are Awesome – Epic Rock Climbing Skills!

People are Awesome - Epic Rock Climbing Skills!
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Rock climbing is amazing way to stay fit! Watch these awesome athletes and inspirational para-athletes tackle a few problems in their local gym. Did you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Lol where's the rock? Climbing was invented in nature, and should be respected that way. Don't write rock climbing and then show only plastic…?

  2. I went to my local indoor rock climbing place called Gadrock with my church youth group and I sucked cause I have no upper body strength but I tried my hardest and my arms and fingers are sooooooooo sooooore now!!!!

  3. I was climbing the other day and said to myself " I'm getting pretty good!"

    Now I'm like

    I guess not

  4. i remember how i often saw this dude with one leg bouldering at the gym i used to go to. i was completely ashamed of myself and spent way too long watching him climb

  5. The video is cool and I'm happy you included para-climbers.
    But as many guys said this isn't rock climbing, this is a little part of what indoor bouldering is. I can understand that most of the climbing moves are not spectacular for non-climbers, no matter how hard they are, but there is some foot plays that look incredible as well and can look good in videos ( Adam Ondra when he was climbing " Silence " got his leg in a crazy position for example, but it won't be in the context of the video anymore as it is sport climbing ). And even so, you can take contortion moves where you see all the muscles and make a mad video as well !
    For a next climbing video, why not considering psychobloc and free solo ? Those are the next level of spectacular stuffs.

  6. Campus climbing (using no legs) really has no skill involved at all, I’ve been climbing for a only a year and I’ll bring in friends who are strong but who have never been climbing before and they can campus routs. Campusing is definitely the most skill-less form of climbing, although it can be impressive. It’s still not showing what climbing is all about and what it takes to be a great climber

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