Pat Pat's Kansi (My Last Meal in Manila)

Pat Pat's Kansi (My Last Meal in Manila)
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I’ve already mentioned this a few times, but my main camera broke when I was in the Philippines, and so I had to use my backup camera. The only problem is, I forgot to bring the battery charger We went to the Canon repair center in Manila and along with taking 3 weeks to fix my main camera, they called all the Canon stores throughout Manila and couldn’t find a charger for my small backup point and shoot camera. So I was kind of out of luck.

So having my point and shoot camera on its last leg, with just a bit of battery left, Ying and I decided to jump in a taxi and go to Pat Pat’s Kansi, a restaurant I had seen on Foursquare, and thought would make a good last meal in Manila (

I ordered the kansi, a big bowl of beef soup with a giant club sized bone in the middle, full of bone marrow. We also ordered some grilled squid, a grilled boneless bangus (milkfish), and fresh lumpia. All the food at Pat Pat’s Kansi was excellent – I especially enjoyed the kansi and the boneless bangus, but the squid was also good. Our waitress showed me how to make a simple Filipino sauce of soy sauce, calamansi, and chilies to eat along with everything. If you’re looking for a good restaurant in the Makati area of Manila, Pat Pat’s Kansi is a cool restaurant to check out.


This food travel video was produced by Mark Wiens and Ying Wiens. The music in this video is from Audio Network.

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  1. Thank you, Mark, Ying and Micah for visiting my country! ? Watching your videos always make me hungry and want to travel more to experience not just food but the people, culture and wonderful atttactions. I like that you show opposite sides of those places, giving us a balanced snd grounded view. It is a joy watching your facial expression change the moment you find the food delightful… Hope to see you in Manila or Bangkok sometime in the near future. Keep up all your good and hard work! Your job is the best! Cheers ?

  2. Pat Pat’s Kansi is one of the best kept restaurants in Metro Manila. Been there many times, the food is consistently good, from the beef bulalo to the boneless bangus and grilled squid. The bulalo broth has a nice sour sweet taste to it.

  3. Sir, that is one of the main attractions here in Bacolod City, kansi. And yes it is an attraction, because I believe that every city has great stories behind it and food makes it even better! ? MAYBE you can drop by here next time, I can show you around lol! ??? God bless you! Ps, Mommy Ying you are so pretty!

  4. Dont worry dude we all filipinos support you and your family!have fun eating all foods in world,wathching from qatar,stay safe

  5. thank you sir. Mark for visiting our beloved country (philippines)
    im always greatful to watch your migrationology blog,
    im always Happy everytime im watching you(Mark) and ma'am (Ying).

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