Korean Food – Premium Korean JANGSU BEEF! (Day 9)

Korean Food - Premium Korean JANGSU BEEF! (Day 9)
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On Day 9 in this South Korean food and travel video series, we took a day trip from Jeonju to Jangsu and Jinan. Jangsu happens to be famous for Korean beef, and that was the highlight of my day.

1:24 Jangsu Horse Riding – The first thing we did when we arrive to Jangsu is go to a horse ranch and took a lesson riding horses. I was picturing a slow horseback ride, but when we got there, it was a full on race horse jockey ride. We rode around the course for about 30 minutes, and although we barely went fast at all, it seemed pretty fast when I was on the horse! Jangsu Sungma Chaeheomjang horse riding experience – 25,000 Won ($21.56) for 30 minutes

4:09 Jangsu Korean Beef – One of the most famous places that raises beef in South Korea is Jangsu, and there’s no better place to experience Jangsu beef then right in Jangsu. We went to a restaurant located right in the center of town and we went to a restaurant called Jangsu Premium Beef (장수한우명품관), well known in the city for its high quality beef. The restaurant was a butchery as well, and so after choosing out our own pieces of beef from the fridge we then went to sit down at the restaurant. The beef was insanely delicious, as was the side dishes that accompanied our meal, and also the final bowl of naengmyeon noodles. Total price for 4 – 117,000 Won ($100.91)

11:20 Maisan Provincial Park (마이산도립공원) – 3,000 Won ($2.58) – After that amazing Korean beef lunch, we headed to Maisan Provincial Park, a nature mountain park and temple famous for its horse ear shaped peaks. Towards the back of the park is the Tapsa Temple (마이산 탑사), a stone stacked temple, that’s an incredible site to see. I also had a chance to try to some deep fried ginseng while walking in this beautiful natural park.

14:50 Red Ginseng Spa – 31,000 ($26.74) – Our next stop in Jinan, South Korea was the Red Ginseng Spa, which was a self service spa where we went through a series of different ginseng health rooms and spa treatments. It was pretty interesting, and a good way to relax after that beef meal and walking around the Maisan Provincial Park (마이산도립공원).

16:39 Hwasim Sundubu (원조 화심 순두부) – For dinner we went to a restaurant near back to Jeonju that specializes in sundubu jjigae, a type of soft tofu stew. It was an amazing dinner and a great way to end this day in Jeonbu, South Korea.

Disclaimer: My trip to Jeonju was sponsored by the Jeonbuk Centre for International Affairs.

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  1. I love watching someone who really enjoys and understands food. All other travel eaters just eat and move on. I really wish I cold travel and eat. I am very jealous almost to the point of tears. My town is limited in the chose of foods.

  2. I enjoy almost enjoy everything you upload except the part when you stuff your mouth with as much food as you can. What’s with that? It’s kind of gross.

  3. Have you tried Hanwoo beef? Some say it may be better than Japanese Kobe beef. Kobe beef has higher fat content and “melts” in your mouth while Hanwoo beef taste more beefy and is super tender.

  4. so you have your guy fieri's and andrew zimmern's who are star foodies and sure look like it (and i do love their videos). but then you have Mark…probably the best of them.

  5. Actually mark got a nice body when off the shirt..? Mark shared all the food he ate,but never share his secret on exercise/workout to get a body like that..?

  6. Mark aren't they Sesame leaves not Perilla leave?, Koreans usually use perilla only for oil and sesame leaves for Samm wraps for Korean BBQ

  7. i know for sure when he really likes something, just likes something, thinks it's ok, and doesn't really like it. the expression for when he REALLY likes something is always the same lol.

  8. Thanks for the informative and educational blog on Korean food Mark, wow awesome….not sure on the fresh uncooked sea foods though? I guess I have not tried it, so can't comment on it really….hehehe

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