Hurricane Harvey Animal Rescue | The Dodo

Hurricane Harvey Animal Rescue | The Dodo
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Hurricane Harvey Heroes Rescue Animals | People are risking their lives to save animals from the floods of Hurricane Harvey. To help the animals and their families being affected by Hurricane Harvey, you can support the Humane Society of the United States’ Disaster Relief Fund:

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  1. Quiero felicitar y agradecer a todos los rescatistas que son un ejemplo con lo que
    hacen . De corazon les doy las gracias por lo que hacen con los animales.??????????

  2. The fact that he saved the fish was very heart warming too because most people would have ate it I MEAN I EAT MEAT BUT I LOVE ALL ANIMALS THE POOR FISHY GOT STUCK no matter what animal even if you eat it if it stuck I would help it

  3. I feel very sad when horses and other animals are trapped by people who are very mean! they have done some mean things but heroes came to save their lives <3 Thank you, people, for saving their lives! ( I am a girl by the way )

  4. Coolest, most "humane" thing I've seen in a very long while… and I subscribe. Peace, power and love to all those folk. Thank you…..

  5. God Bless these precious, kind, loving, gentle, strong rescuers and the lives they dave. I can't imagine the fear they must have experienced ALONE until these Angels scooped them out of their terror.

  6. You see its amazing when we help each other out and be nice to each other it's just beautiful ?

  7. Go rescue animal their life's depend on you if you don't you don't care about animals and you will die in that shame. I saved my dogs both of their life by being by them. ?

  8. These people are amazing not only are they rescuing people but they are helping their animal friends and they are not giving up I wish good luck for the people who are fighting for survival during hurricane harvey and I will be donating money for those people are hearts do to for the people in Texas.

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