How to plan start and open an animal rescue shelter

How to plan start and open an animal rescue shelter
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In this video I explain how to write a business plan for an animal rescue center, and how to start an animal rescue center. The challenging part about writing a business plan for a an animal rescue center, and actually starting the rescue center is the balance of expenses vs. income. The problem is that such a typical rescue shelter requires multiple people to run and operate it, and a lease for the space. But a typical animal rescue shelter does not bring in much money (or any money at all).

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Additionally, you must be able to provide at least basic veterinary help to the pets in your animal rescue shelter. And lastly, you must market your animal rescue shelter to the local community so that if anyone wants to adopt an animal, they know to come to your animal rescue shelter. And if any one knows of a pet in need of such a shelter, they can make sure that this pet ends up in your animal rescue shelter.

To sustain your animal rescue shelter, I recommend that you heavily explore how to raise donations and get grants because those sources of finances will go a very long way to help you sustain and grow your animal rescue shelter.

And from me personally, good luck! This is a very needed kind of a thing and I wish you success starting your animal rescue center.

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  1. TO ALL POSTING here, this is not easy and lives are involved, meaning you will be sorry when because of you animals are euthanized. So FIRST please volunteer at you ur local animal shelter. You can do that but becoming a regular pet walker. Dogs are desperate for this. Then volunteer to Foster there so you learn about medical intake and dealing with wounded animals and then volunteer to learn from a trainer, so you don't make my stakes introducing animals to each other the wrong way and so that your pets are adopted well behaved. Read up on doing strong background checks, writing contracts and how to visit a potential family home. This is important. Families can show up with borrowed nieces, smiling and sweet then you visit their home and they have no heat, paint falling off the walls, bad finances so if anything happens to the pet they can't go to a vet and if you adopt to them – it's on you that the pet will suffer in cold, maybe without food, without medical care and maybe back at another shelter. LEARN before you open your place so that you do not recycle animals. Adoption is forever, but it starts with proper work at the shelter

  2. So glad to see so many young people interested in pet rescue. The world is becoming more compassionate with the new generation. Rescue has been my lifelong passion.

  3. I’m 15, going on 16. I’m a sucker for small animals since they’re treated so poorly by people who are wrongly informed by workers in pet stores. I rescued a hedgehog this year who was bought at an auction by a man who gave her to his daughter— who happened to be 4. When we came to pick her up, she was in a filthy tank, she had no wheel, bad food, no hides, no clean water and her nails were curling back into her paws. She never had been held. Luckily she’s a happy, healthy and loved hedgehog now that she’s with us.

  4. I’m 20yrs old. I’m planning to open a parrot sanctuary since I grew up with all types and raised many kinds. There are so many parrots who are neglected and given up because people do not realize the patience and commitment it takes to own one!

  5. I want to open a non commercial pet store/ shelter. Where we encourage people to do their research and prepare before getting a pet. Where before they can get a pet we inform them all about the animal they want to buy. We also will sell good quality products. Nothing that’s known as being abusive towards pets. Like hamsters, for example. We will sell bigger cages for the smaller pets. It’s going to be great.

  6. i am 11 i know i am small but i want to help animals in need i mean why get a pet if you do not care about it i am going to start a shelter no matter what

  7. I am 12 and my dream has been to have my very own shelter since I was 8. I have watched many videos and searched how to have your own shelter but i still have to get the money got to get going.

  8. I love this video ever since I was like 5 I always wanted to start a animal rescue where I won’t kill any dogs once they don’t get adopted after a time so thank you some much I live in south Texas so I see poor animals hurting from the sun

  9. Sorry I can't watch this it's to distracting with you trying to keep the cat in the camera. I just want to know how to help animals and I can't figure anything out with you worry about a shot of the cat.

  10. Man, you are not "Yapping" or whatever. I actually love animals more than I do people. Most people these days have no conscience toward humanity, nor animals.

  11. hi great tips ive just started my small rescue for birds; called All Things Feathers; ive asked for donations from anything to do with feathers; and ive gotten cages; toys; shredded paper and much more; im now just looking to partner up with a vet; that i hope will come through soon; yes it is a huge committment; but we wouldnt have it any other way.

  12. Why are you forcing the cat to turn and be in the video? He obviously doesn't want to be there. Try treating your animals better!!!

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