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  1. This stuff always make me cry. The clip at 4:54 isnt n actual emergency scene. The guy made the video to show that his dogggie WOULD rescue him if he needed it. He pretended to be drowning to show everyone what his dog would do. Ive seen that whole video.

  2. It's amazing how some dare to say that animals have no hearts. Those I call heartless, Cold-blooded, Soulless bastards. If you hear anyone say anything like that, tell them this. We, humans. Us. We have terrorized a lot of these poor souls. We have destroyed their homes, trespassed their rightful territories, caged them, skinned them for model clothes, taken their families, banished them from their own lands and claiming them to be ours, cooked them, EATEN them, and oh my God many many more! If you're one of these heartless bastards, you disgust me!

  3. Shocks me how even predator and prey save eachothers lives even though one eats the other, yet we humans, the "intelligent" beings, can't settle issues and become the real animals. smh humanity ?

  4. It's just so sad that people just stand there and video tape it without even helping. There is this quote that says "Monsters don't exist, but humans do". That quote was so true.

  5. I'm pretty sure the Hippo one was just the Hippos being territorial/ protective of their young. There was no intentional "saving" involved.

  6. I personally like the last one, the guy lets the dog over the thing and lets the dog handle the guy XD I find that a little funny, but the rest is sad in a way, but greatful aswell

  7. the dog attacked the boy !?

    it has never hit me that dogs do that until then.

    good cat !

    good kitty !

    that was amazing,getting a cat soon !

  8. Very positive video love it. Dog's are very intuitive, my friend's dog decided she did not wish to eat meat, she would only eat vegetarian food. She is an Irish Terrier with lots of energy, highly intelligent. She loves to play with other animals too, and definitely would save any animal in distress if she could, I know it. Or alert a person to help. All the best to everyone, be kind to yourself and all creatures great and small.

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