Animals rescued after the Guatemala volcano

Animals rescued after the Guatemala volcano
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In the wake of the Volcan de Fuego eruption in Guatemala, our HSI Mexico and HSI Latin America Animal Rescue Teams raced to the scene to provide emergency relief to animals in desperate need of help. They distributed food, water and medical supplies and treated 912 animals – including dogs, cats, chickens, horses and more.


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  1. Guatemala has many strays already in general. I see at least 5 everyday when I was there. It’s sad and I hope someone will do something about it.

  2. you're the best people it makes me cry why people would do this to the dogs. dogs are not food but they are something to love and care for

  3. What is your guys number because i have neighbors who hord animals and the animals are dying because they dont feed them and the local animal control does not do any thing about it! But Great job on the rescue!

  4. I got my puppy at a place called Laughlin Kennels. We noticed as soon as we got there, there was a big area in the back of the property and there was sounds of barking and shrieks from dogs. We immediately knew it wasn’t a safe place for animals. A day after my new puppy was brought home, she was having an unusual cough and was scared of cages. She indeed had kennel cough and we brought her to the vet. Today she is well recovered and will be a year old in two days! The place that we got her from still is not shut down, and they are still abusing their animals.

  5. Thank you so much for doing this for the animals….they deserve the help just as much as anyone else. God Bless you all

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