Worst Drivers of 2018 Ep.803

Worst Drivers of 2018 Ep.803
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Worst Drivers of 2018 Ep.803 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. The plethora of idiot driver videos on YouTube should be used as evidence in court cases such that most of these thoughtless drivers will get a verdict of "You driver's license will be taken away immediately & permanently!" This would clear away a lot of the accidents on the world's roads — that is, until these same idiot drivers procreate more idiot drivers, resulting in the roads being consistently riddled with the lazy-ass moronic offspring of the lazy-ass morons who beget them. In short: WE'RE PERMANENTLY FUCKED!!!

  2. I did a terrible mistake, first I saw a video with Jordan Peterson, and the this. He and these drivers can't be a part of the same species.

  3. From what I'm seeing about these accidents over half of these accidents are avoidable and would have been avoidable if you had been paying attention listen up people you cannot take your eyes off the road for a second because in that split-second that you take your eyes off the road things happen now I'm going to say this if you're too tired to drive tired at driving is just as bad if not worse than drunk driving your reaction time just like drunk driving is slowed by 80% if you're too tired to drive that means you should not be driving if I'm too tired to drive I start looking for a place to pull over I don't take a risk I don't chance it you have to have very quick reactions lickety-split reactions to be able to operate a motor vehicle if you don't have lickety-split reactions you shouldn't be driving a car just like I said a few days ago driving a car is a deadly weapon and if you don't have the reaction time needed to be behind the wheel you shouldn't be behind the wheel now I'm going to say this you are an absolute idiot if you sit beside a truck in traffic on the freeway you're sitting beside a truck you are an absolute moron the reason that I don't sit beside a truck in traffic on the freeway is because nine times out of ten a truck driver can't see you and when they make a lane change they're going to crash into you if they can't see you that means get around the truck if you can't get around the truck back off of them give him plenty of space don't sit next to him because by sitting next to him he may not be able to see you and if he makes Lane change he's going to make a man change and go right into you so my advice to you is just like I said pass him if you can't pass him stay behind him give him space he can't see you and especially if you happen to be right up on him I always give a truck driver plenty of space and the reason why I always give a truck driver plenty of spaces because he can't see you that also does not mean pass him get in front of him and then do a brake check that's enough stupid a truck is bigger than you are they are as big as a train they don't have the stopping Force what is stopping power to slam on their brakes and stop like you and I can when you pull out in front of a truck you are literally pulling out in front of a train it's the same thing the only difference is the truck happens to be on the road where the train is on tracks but it's pretty much the same thing and believe it or not if a truck hits you just like a train it can kill you

  4. Just love that pedestrian on the crossing – sweet the way she swung that ignorant cow of a car driver around by her hair!

  5. you know, if you girls are gonna randomly throw down in the middle of the street, can y'all NOT go for the hair first? It makes the fight Dull and uneventful.

  6. 1:21 That pedestrian girl is completely right, no fucking car should honk at pedestrians on zebra crossings, that just shows this Mercedes driver girl has no fucking manners. I drive a Mercedes, too, and I really don´t like snooty bitches ruining our reputation.
    That pedestrian girl did right and on top of that she can pull hair way better! Thumbs up! ;D

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