Violent Public Freakout Fights Compilation V16 2019

Violent Public Freakout Fights Compilation V16 2019
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Violent Public Freakout Fights Compilation V16 2019

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  1. So sick of watching women screaming and being assholes everywhere, and attacking people when they don't get their way.. THE ENTITLEMENT HAS TO STOP(p.s black women are worst)

  2. There were a lot of videos here but my most memorable is the last truly best was saved. Guy with dreads you are one of the best don't let one man ruin a good thing in you. At least you can look at your mom with that face!! Keep it up there are people that are applauding you right now. You feel me!!!!

  3. niQQA: hit me again i swear to god
    IDK WhAt People: smacks camera
    also NIqqa: doesnt do anything
    Me An Alien: i dont know what happened

  4. Once dude put his hand in my face literally touching it I would have demonstrated on that clown. You soft for that shit. Don’t let nobody put their hands on you

  5. I’m a black male with dreads that doesn’t make you a professional fighter and he said in the beginning touch me again and I’ll drop you don’t say stuff like that and ain’t gonna do it be that dude only has a big mouth

  6. So she attacks the worker behind the desk, gets them hands, THEN decides to pepper spray the girl because she lost and can't accept it? Lol. Sounds about right.

  7. video at 7:02 …. no bitch get it straight…. you werent pleasing your man and HE cheated on YOU cause YOU obviously aint worth shit if he gonna fuck that thing over YOU! lmfao… you got yourself all fucked up lady….. your man the nasty one and you nasty for going after her instead of his ass….

  8. 4.20 whites boys scare jajajjaaj…..7.30 if he play you with that,, you the nasty one , you sleep with him…9.35 my brother you make me so proud, god bless you…

  9. If your education was that f**** important you'd be paying attention to the teacher playing with you f**** phone Hitman you better watch out cuz he's two hundred pounds and he's got dreads

  10. That is sum bitch shit, your husband cheats on you take it out him, apparently she didn't know you existed, Wayne will just cheat on you again stupid ass

  11. After watching these videos i've come to the conclusion that blacks are a huge problem for society…….no wonder they are not wanted in most of the world

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