Rescued Dog Sees New Home for the First Time | PETA Animal Rescues

Rescued Dog Sees New Home for the First Time | PETA Animal Rescues
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Cora spent years chained in a backyard, but thanks to PETA, she’ll never be neglected again.

PETA’s fieldworkers first met Cora when she was just 6 months old, chained outside 24/7. We persuaded her family to let us get her spayed, and we checked on her year after year to make sure that she had food, water, and adequate shelter, including fresh straw bedding in the winter, and to give her treats and some much-needed affection. But one day, the family disappeared and Cora was gone.

Months later, in December 2014, a PETA fieldworker was checking on dogs at an unrelated address, when she found five dogs chained up outside—and one of them was Cora! While the fieldworker was giving the dogs food, water, and straw bedding, she discovered that the chain wrapped around Cora’s neck was so tight that it had become embedded in her skin.

After that, PETA was finally able to obtain custody of Cora and get her the care she needed. She spent several months in foster care at the home of the PETA fieldworker who rescued her, and then we were able to find her a loving home, where she’ll never have to see another chain again.


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  1. I love people who get dogs from shelters instead of breeders 🙂 <3 it restores my faith in humanity. Thanks lovely lady !

  2. Amazing!! Cora's owners should be tied up outside to an outhouse.. You all are blessings.. Thank you for giving Cora what she deserves.. Love and to live and play free..????

  3. Place human-dog friendship and great love above everything, in first place.STOP KILLING DOGS.  Forbid breeding dogs.  Forbid dogs euthanasia.  Forbid poisoning dogs.  STOP KILLING ALSO CATS.  And forbid breeding cats.  STOP HIGH KILL SHELTERS. STOP KILL SHELTERS COMPLETELY. Animals must be with only those, that can provide them with the best care and real love.Dogs are the most tortured animals in the world. Every year, millions of dogs are thrown out into homelessness. They are needlessly bred, mistreated, tortured, killed through homelessness and by pervert caretakers who breed dogs for sale or for food.Dogs that are not wanted should be put down with morphine, if they cannot be put for adoption and taken by very loving persons.Ban dog breeding. Dogs should live up to 100 years, like the Dingo's in ecological and clean nature, where soil, water, air and food were pure. Almost all shelters should be closed, except a few that are government approved and sponsored to preserve the species, and where the dogs will be bred in very small amounts for the pure love of the species – not through rape that is done by most breeders, or even forcing dogs to mate, or in-vitro which is also forcing to breed. A loving owner does not have to sterilize his pets because his/her care is so good that mating is not allowed. Sterilization is against nature, it's very painful, deprives the body of needed physiology, hormones, deprives the body of a natural way of cleansing itself and accelerated aging, also causes psychological changes that are unnatural. Dogs were since thousands of years humanity's friends around the world, among all the other animals. Within the last decades, in literature, within scientific circles, among artists and also among common folks – dogs are being treated as best friends and loved the most.
    Scientists talk about growing meat on shelves (production for testing purposes has successfully begun) – of many animals – which would be the best for our world today, because there won't be animal killing, which is barbarian and very painful. This would be most humane. The world needs such technology, which would be not only most humane but also ecological. ?? ??? People who rescue dogs and other animals are really great. We appreciate your sacrifice. Many people love a dog like a dearest person, like a best friend. Best Wishes! ?? ???

  4. You can rest assured that wonderful little dog will return your love several times over. Good on you for providing her with such a loving home.

  5. Sweet innocent dog! Thanks for saving her! How can people be so cruel and heartless….I'll NEVER understand….dogs are family…and full of LOVE!!!

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