Prawns pickele Recipe | Prawns Pickle By 106 years old Mastanamma

Prawns pickele Recipe | Prawns Pickle By 106 years old Mastanamma
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Yummy and Spicy Prawns Pickle by Granny


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  1. ఇది పచ్చడి కాదు. పచ్చడిలో అంత కొత్తిమిర వేస్తే నిలువ ఉండదు. దీనిని రొయ్యల వేపుడు అంటే బాగుంటుంది

  2. Hi granny,how are you?.hi friends, my mom want to be a home chef and she want to sell food from home,she stays in hyderabad kukatpally,she cooks good veg and non veg curries,non veg pickles also,please if you know someone who wants to taste home food,please message on
    Her number:7386088650..please do support her,Thanku all

  3. Grandma assalu memu nammalekapothunnamu nuvu antha agelo kuda entha healthyga unnavo really I hats of to you grandma

  4. hi amma. God should give more health and live long. one small suggestion kindly give us the quantity of ingredients you use for cooking. so we could learn your cooking.

  5. Can u pls put the translation..
    Just that wat amma says..!
    We wud really love to hear wat she feels & tells about her day to day life & family

  6. Y r those kids making fun of granny.. she s putting so much of effort to cook and also serving those kids oly…please don't encourage them to criticize granny

  7. Tc granny….. Last one week video u r looking very tired…..n ths video again I saw Ur speed work…… Thank god…..ths video makes me happy

  8. I went to the store and bought alot of Indian spices and I will Google Indian food recipes and make more Indian food, so Delicious. No wonder many Indian people live so long, they use very healthy spices and ingredients in their food.

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