Overloaded Trucks Compilation #2

Overloaded Trucks Compilation #2
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  1. Lot of idiots – but gotta give some cred to the soviet era Zil 6×6 rucks. They can take some serious abuse!

  2. How STUPID!!! are driver's Well it seems VERY STUPID!!! & besides it's dam right BLOODY DANGEROUS!!! Don't these MORON'S ?????? get done by the authorities for carrying such a DANGEROUS over excessive load aswell. ??????

  3. The trucks were crappy designed. The center of gravity is way off on these trucks. Weight distribution has a lot to do with the equipment as much as the load.

  4. you know some clips show Russians as well you ignorant fool…how about the laws of the US wouldn't let that happen…outside the US no rules

  5. The title is wrong, correct it: Dumb, ignorant, clueless idiots disregarding other drivers compilation.
    When you think truck drivers are considered "professional"…

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