Mushroom curry | spicy Mushroom masala |Mushroom Masala

Mushroom curry |  spicy Mushroom masala |Mushroom Masala
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  1. Doing things and serving with smile…without irritation is a great thing in life…..god bless you….Insha Allah bai….. keep doing……everyone should always say thanks to God for giving this wonderful life

  2. Bhai you are doing a great job ,, may god bless you ?

    And ur recipes are really awesome,, I like spicy food like you make ? but I’m surprised that how the kids eat that spicy food ? just curious to know

  3. Assalam valaikum bhaijan…you are such a sweet person having so kind Smile ever seen on man…Bhagwan Aapko lambi umra de!
    Aise Bhukhe or Anath bachchon ka pet bharte rahen, Bhagwan Apki har kaamna puri kare?

  4. Mashroom curry super but curryme itna mirchi aur chilli powder dalega to bahut thika hota hai bacho ko thika thoda kam daliyena

  5. I am really thankful to u for ur great work and thank you for your generosity but I wonder how could children eat so spicy food because u added lots of green and power chilly.if u could please cook the food in healthy way which won't take more ingredients and time

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