Russia: Couple adopt pet Puma named Messi

Russia: Couple adopt pet Puma named Messi
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While most families adopt a dog or cat as a playful companion, one couple in the Russian city of Penza revealed their new pet on Thursday – a Puma named Messi.

Check out other videos with Messi on Instagram or YouTube: l_am_puma

SOT, Aleksandr and Maria Dmitriev (Russian): “Beforehand we were going out at different time, when we had an occasion. If we went out at the same time, he did his natural needs. So we decided to teach him to do his daily business outside. We succeeded. When the time passed, we see him forbearing it, waiting for the time to go out, asking us to take him out if he cannot stand it anymore.

Like he is a dog. We started taking him for a walk, step by step, the animal had not been really active before, so long routes were hard to go on. Now we walk a long distances twice a day, as it is supposed to be. It does not differ much from having a dog in this case.”

SOT, Aleksandr and Maria Dmitriev (Russian): “He does not get along with our cat. The cat is an adult, but he is still a child, nevertheless he almost reached his maximum height. He is still a kitten. He wants to play with her, he beats him hard for that, with claws, fluffs at him. Anyway, as any child, he cannot have a hump with her for a long time.”

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  1. Such a beautiful animal. But it's also a wild animal, not meant to be walked by a rope & cat collar imo. But hopefully the owners and animal remain safe.

  2. Massive paws, killer claws for the feast. Hear him roar! See him foam! But we're not coming home 'til he's ours! Good and ours!

  3. North America has nice animals and bad ones. The pumas are cute when young, but as adults they are lethal killers. Start a puma farm in Russia and release them all into Poland. With all the wild boars they have their population will explode and the EU will become a safer place, together with all the jihadists.

  4. These Russian idiots don't realize how dangerous these pumas are. They are not cute pets, they're lethal predators that stalk and sometimes kill people. If enough of these clowns start breeding them and they get released in the wild they will make the whole of Europe their new home.

  5. I always look at their Instagram video posts like "That is the Happiest big cat I have Ever seen in my life" I hate that people give them Hell for having Messi it's asinine to think these people want to criticize them even if they're saving the animals life

  6. I would certainly feel safe taking a walk with him on a leash. If any gang members wanted to pick on me on the street, they'd hall ass fast running like the road runner if they saw my cougar on a leash.

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