Lao Street Food – GIANT STICKY RICE Feast and Stuffed Chili Fish in Vientiane, Laos!

Lao Street Food - GIANT STICKY RICE Feast and Stuffed Chili Fish in Vientiane, Laos!
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Lao Street Food Tour in Vientiane, Laos – Laos is an amazing country for food lovers, and there’s no better way to start sampling street food than to visit a local market in Vientiane.

Khua Din Market – This is one of the most bustling morning markets in Vientiane. You’ll discover an ocean of fresh ingredients available in the parking lot before 8 am. But for cooked food, I found some of the best stalls in the tented section at the back of the market – there you’ll find a few stalls serving all things Lao food – a place to have a Lao sticky rice feast.

Sausage – 5,000 LAK ($0.60) – First at the market we stopped for a quick Luang Prabang sausage, known as sai oua. They are so good, the beef in my opinion was tastier than the beef.

For our sticky rice Lao feast throwdown, we ordered a bunch of different dishes and all ate them together. We had some stews, some jaew, sticky rice, a few grilled items, and the highlight for me was a stuffed fish. Total price – 117,000 LAK ($14.00)

Sandwich – 5,000 LAK ($0.60) – On the outside of Khua Din Market in Vientiane you’ll find a few stalls selling khao gee pate, the Laos version of French baguette sandwiches with pate and toppings. They are not the best quality, but for 5,000 kip, they are a bargain and really do taste pretty good.

Evening Cooked Food Market – For this Vientiane street food tour, in the evening we headed to Ban Anou Night Market, a peaceful evening market where you’ll find a good selection of Lao food.

Khao Piak Sen – First we had a bowl of khao piak sen. Total price – 15,000 LAK ($1.80)

Next we had some stew dishes, and an order of green papaya salad, all of which were delicious. Total price – 65,000 LAK ($7.78)

Finally to end this Lao street food tour of Vientiane, Joel and I enjoyed some wonderful dried beef. Price – 10,000 LAK ($1.20)

Thank you for watching this Lao street food tour!

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  1. My family is from Vientiane, so I eat the majority of the food you've featured on a daily basis… and I LOVE IT.  thank you for posting.  Love your channel.

  2. How do you not gain weight?? I've watched most of your videos and I'm amazed how slim you remain eating like that!
    I look at your videos for recipe inspiration

  3. Lao food is delicious!!! I’m Lao / Thai , Vietnamese & Chinese & out of all foods Lao is my favorite!!! Then Thai then rest follows !!! Ty for sharing ????

  4. sorry, i really do not like Joe, his comments, his trying to emulate all Mark says bothers me so!!! He is an ok person i am sure, because I do not see such a great guy as Mark having a friend that is not nice, but I really find this guy boring, repetitive and he brings nothing interesting to the video.

  5. @mark wiens, where to find the first sausage stall? Which part of the market if walking from bus station? it seem very nice 🙂

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