Blind dog rescue: Fiona – Please SHARE on FB & Twitter and help us raise awareness. Thanks!

Blind dog rescue: Fiona - Please SHARE on FB & Twitter and help us raise awareness.  Thanks!
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  1. the family or person probably threw her away like trash because they didn't want her because she was blind or couldn't afford the vision surgery. Those people deserve to be homeless. EVER HEARD OF GO FUND ME?? TONS OF PEOPLE WOULD HAVE HELPED. That is our close family friend, a loved one. To be thrown away like trash!!! UGH UGH UGH

  2. Whn u see people like u guys it gives me hope for mankind tht there are still good people in ths world, I just wish all the bad people would just leave find a island some where an live on it do wht thy want to each other, so the good can live in peace, God Bless u so much..

  3. The sad situation is bad enough, the music is unnecessary. I love and respect all you do, you are angels, but I can't take the music, please put all the narrative for us to read so we can TURN OFF THE MUSIC..

  4. I still cannot believe how he survived on his own with being completely blind. Imagine yourself completely homeless and blind without any help. HATS OFF TO THE BRAVE SOUL FIONA <3

  5. Videos are great but i JUST HATE the emotional music. You don't need music to add to the drama. Thank goodness they have a mute button and subtitles.

  6. Dogs eyes must be kept clean, no hair, dirt and make sure they get checked by vet if there is irritation. They suffer terrible if this is not attended; so, painful. This sweet girl, I am glad she is loved and was adopted.

  7. I wonder how these animals who are blind can survive on their own. Little fighters. It is sad to see many animals abandoned on the streets.

  8. i love yall so much and any dog im going to get know its from your website thank you so so much for doing what to do to make the world a better place im thankful you do this stuff for these poor animal pls continue to do what to do and pls a pray you do this on and on LOVE YALL SO MUCH

  9. Poor Baby its good you saved it did you know i called you for that? that is my real name! if you didn't saved the dog it will die because he/she will have no food and drink! i liked my own comment because no one else will. Thankyou for my Report of the Poorly blind Dog.

  10. I see this and i cried and cried because dog is greatful and there someone abuse any dog in the world plz dont abuse or something i have a dog name scarlett when i stress i play with her and my deprestion is getting away dog is greatful dont forget dog is like people they like us plz is there someone abuse any dog in the world plz…. Dont….

    Like if u agree :,3 ;3

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