Best of How To Not Drive Your Car – Be Careful on Roads 2018 #777

Best of How To Not Drive Your Car - Be Careful on Roads 2018 #777
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Best of How To Not Drive Your Car – Be Careful on Roads 2018 #777 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. So the truck ahead stops, then guy behind him does the right thing and manages to brake to a stop before he hits the truck. Then the guy behind him smashes into him. So much for doing the right thing, you just can't win in Russia. Someone should email Russia and tell them about " Stopping Distance ", otherwise known as the safe alternative to tailgaiting.

  2. пиздец,я бы захуярил пидора в конце если бы тачку тронул,животное ебаное

  3. В последнем видео надо было ему руки ноги поломать чтоб лежал и ждал полицию.

  4. 8:12 Cyclist for whatever reason is riding in the centre of the roadway in Russia and decides to cross in front of the Prius. Prius of course does not see him and hits him. If you're a car driver, I think you should look around before taking off because vulnerable road users run in front of vehicles all the time. Just yesterday, someone quickly ran in front of me in my car before I was about to take off (didn't hit them), though I blamed myself for almost going because I saw them at a donation bin before and could have predicted they would do that. Another reason also to leave plenty of space in front even when stopped.

  5. 0:03 Wtf? Why were both the cop and the driver overtaking when the cammer was in the oncoming lane? I think that the cop may have been stopping for the car on the shoulder, and the other driver did not shoulder check (or "head check") when he started overtaking. Not very smart.

  6. ??? Why are Russian Car Drivers so Stupid doing to fast not paying attention to the road in front and at the side's and the weather conditions

  7. If the last clip happened to occur in Texas, USA, that guy bashing windows could have been shot dead by someone in the vehicle or by a passersby and the shooter would not have been prosecuted because that is considered deadly harm.

  8. Даа блядь. У мужиков совсем яиц не осталось. Бомж разбивает автобусы, автомобили. Зачем мешать? Я лучше поснимаю! А то что с него эти деньги никак не взыскать ладно. Деграданты сука. Человека убивать будут, эти долбоёбы будут снимать происходящее.

  9. still guessing that there must not be anything there in te way of a Department of Motor Vehicles or such a thing as a behind the wheel Drivers test, right????

  10. Last clip: "Nah, I'm not going to help you disarm the drunk, but I will put you on YouTube getting your ass kicked!"

  11. 19:12 Here we see typical russian asshole . Btw this whole video was almost full of russians, japanese and chinese. Did you guys also noticed that :D?

    Good, funny and entertaining video! Keep it up 🙂

  12. Да пизды надо было ввалить в последнем видео и до приезда ментов скрутить мудака…

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