Amazing Trucks Driving Skills – Awesome Semi Trucks Drivers – Extreme Lorry Drivers WIN (part 2)

Amazing Trucks Driving Skills - Awesome Semi Trucks Drivers - Extreme Lorry Drivers WIN (part 2)
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Amazing Trucks Driving Skills – Awesome Semi Trucks Drivers – Extreme Lorry Drivers WIN (part 2) – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. I'm not impressed also a truck driver myself the only reason half these drivers are able to do the stuff in these videos is bc they are driving cabovers which automatically gives you more clearance between the truck and trailer SETUP DEPENDING and a tighter turning radius I'd love to see them try those maneuvers in a 359 pete or KW W900 or an old long nose International or frieghtshaker hell even the new pro-stars and cascadias I've drove most of the listed above and its impossible with out making it a multi- point turn as for the driver in the pete and the Volvo cudos to yall on your braking and time reaction that's one hell of a job keep on truckin my brothers also a shout out to the driver who started losing control in slick conditions just keep your speed safe but kudos at the same time

  2. Some of these guys are unsafe truck drivers. They're the reason for crashes. Your not supposed to do u turns on roads. People can get decapitated like that

  3. This might be Bold to most people but we're very amazing with Skills despite of all the fucked up shit we do. My guess is all the problems that we have remain unsolved because we chose not to do a thing about it.

  4. It’s funny watching all these European and Asian drivers think they are skilled with their 15 ft trailers get them in a real 53 ft American truck I bet they shit themselves ???

  5. Yeah you can drive, it's all coming back to me. You remember what I said about gearing and brake, tsk tsk! ( quoted from the movie Black dog) starring Patrick Swayze, randy travis and meat loaf. 1/2 off lunch meat at winn Dixie. All jokes aside that is some amazing driving skill, hats off to all who work for a living

  6. Question why most overseas trucks use one axle and what is the max weight they can carry because us trucks use two axle because of the heavy loads .

  7. "Good" drivers wouldn't have gotten themselves into half of these situations to begin with. These are dumbass drivers who got lucky.

  8. Skills????? Where? Single screws and cad overs and yard jockeys, yea skills…? do it in real trucks…230” wheel base. Get it…

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