A Dog Rescue Story that will make you happy!!

A Dog Rescue Story that will make you happy!!
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This is the rescue story of our new Great Pyrenees dog. UPDATE VIDEO: http://youtu.be/h1zKL9mdVYg

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We regularly rescue stray animals. Usually, we will bring stray or abandoned animals home, feed and care for them until we can find a good home.

I will list them on Craig’s List or ask around until someone offers to take the animal home with them.

There was something about this dog that really made us fall in love with him. Especially my husband. And we decided to add him to our family.

Our family motto is, “We can’t save the world, but we can do something about the one in front of us.” We never walk away if there’s something we can do.

We saw this dog laying in the road {in the other lane} early Saturday morning as we headed on a two hour drive. He didn’t move as other cars slowed down and went around him and I was sure he’d been hit by a car. So we turned around, turned on our flashers and got out to check on him.

As we got out of the car, he got to his feet and walked to us and it was apparent he had NOT been hit by a car like I had feared.

It was then we realized why he was there. His companion {another dog} had been hit by a car and lay on the side of the road where he’d been guarding.

It broke my heart.

We were all dressed in church clothes and the dog did not want to get in the truck so we decided to tray again if he was still there when we came back through. I spent the day praying hard for him!

Sure enough, 10 hours later, we headed home and found that indeed, he was still by the road, but he’d moved down into the grass.

We loaded him up as vehicles passed with more than a few people telling us they were so glad to see someone helping him and a local person explained that his owners had moved away and left the two dogs behind – abandoned them. And that he’d been sitting there for a few days.

We brought him home, initially thinking we’d name him Hatchi – if you haven’t see the movie, you NEED to: http://amzn.to/1hijOeO

Anyway, we brought him home, cut off the matted fur, fed him and took a walk with him. By that time it was late, so we locked him into the new dog kennel we’d purchased a few days before and I even wired the latch shut, fearing he would otherwise get out.

Well, Sunday morning, we woke up early to find he’d pushed through the gate, snapped the wire in half and disappeared.

For nearly 3 days all we did was look for this dog! We talked to everyone we saw walking down the street, every police office, everyone at the humane society. We drove a couple hundred miles around our small town slowly – looking everywhere.

We finally located him a few miles from our home laying next to someone’s front porch. He was happy to see us, but he had no idea we’d been searching long and hard for him!

We’d originally thought we’d name him Hatchi, because we’d found him loyally staying with his buddy who had died. But, in the end, we named him Tucker. He’s incredibly sweet, very gentle, and we’ve yet to hear him bark.

On Wednesday we got him a dog tag and we’ve been paranoid about letting him out of sight. We’re so glad he’s home!

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  1. Uh, why doesn't that lazy-ass dude help these kids? The dog probably weighs just as much or more than the three girls combined… and if the dog suffered any pain from being hit by a vehicle, he could have chewed those kids up pretty quickly. What a fine example he's setting for those kids…of a lazy-ass.

  2. Aplausos totales para todas ustedes, por ayudar y adoptar a ese angelito. Si ustedes no lo hubieran rescatado, quien sabe cuantos días más hubiera permanecido en esa sanja. Con hambre, frío, sed y vulnerable a cualquier animal salvaje o persona que le quisiera hacer algo malo. Este mundo necesita más personas como ustedes, que no sean indiferentes ante el dolor de otro ser vivo. Solo puedo terminar diciendo que fue maravilloso lo que hicieron. Dios las bendiga y las prospere para ayudar a más perritos de la calle.

  3. A much better way to bath him is to take a bucket, fill halfway with warm water, add one squirt of shampoo, finish filling. Now use a washcloth or rag to sponge the soapy water on it. Makes for a much cleaner rinse.

    Certified Dog Groomer

  4. If this is a pastor then WHY has his wife NOT taught their child about dressing MODESTLY instead of dressing like a unsaved person with short shorts for ? Teach the children the way of the Father and they will NOT depart from it this is NOT HOLY and without HOLINESS you will NOT see Jesus Hebrews 12:14 if you love the things of this world then you are an ENEMY of Christ Jesus- I John 2:15 shalom

  5. ITS LIKE Hey HUBBY can you give a HAND??? why didn't the husband do it in the first place, no he is going to go and talk to the passing car lol second of all if they had taken the dog inside then he never would have left why did they leave him all alone when he was abandoned by his family to sleep all by himself? that is just COLD to me and not very loving or sensitive to what that dog has gone through ok also you have another dog WHY not use his lease instead of some rope ??? come on guys if you have been helping animals like you say, you should have extra stuff for dogs or cats

  6. So it looks like your heart was in the right place, but if the dog had broken ribs for example, moving him like that could have punctured a lung, etc., etc…just like with a human being. It’s wiser to carefully place the dog on something, anything, flat. Also, no mention was made whether you took the dog to a vet. Several commenters inquired with no reply.

  7. So lucky you Tucker.. you goes to the perfect family hands . Don't running away again. . Thanks to this family who have a big heart and loving pet .. god bless . Thank you

  8. This is another example of the Love of God in them. Anyone who comes to the aid of anyone or animal in distress or pain has the Love of God in them. God gives life and more abundantly. God is LOVE. God so loved the world, he gave his only son Jesus to die for our sins that whosoever believes in him will never die but have everlasting life in Heaven. Jesus is the Truth, the life and the way. The ONLY way to Heaven. If you know the Truth, it will set you free from the bondage of Satan. Satan kills steals and destroys. Satan is a Liar and Deceiver. Satan is filthy and nasty. Satan hates everybody and wants to take everyone to Hell and torment them forever. Jesus defeated Satan at the Cross. Repent and receive Jesus as your Savior. Make the right choice. I Did. Don't let Satan control you and take you to Hell and torment you forever. You have nothing to lose. Jesus is Lord.

  9. The girls just want to have fun with this beautiful fat dog… Happy to see is safe now.. ?. Thank you people.
    Whoever left the poor dog out of nowhere? Bad people?

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