Street Food in Waziristan – FORMER WAR ZONE – Street Food Journey to Miranshah, Pakistan – VERY RARE

Street Food in Waziristan - FORMER WAR ZONE - Street Food Journey to Miranshah, Pakistan - VERY RARE
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Street Food in Waziristan, North Waziristan, Pakistan! Just a few years ago, this region and city of Miranshah Pakistan was overrun with terrorism and violence. Now, today, the area is safe and my friend Ali brought myself and Eva Zu Beck ( ) for a full adventure to the northern region of Waziristan, right near the Afghanistan border!

We had a very quick trip to Waziristan, but from what we saw, it was incredibly beautiful and the people were so hospitable!

The drive up from Islamabad was a long journey and we stopped at quite a few stops along the way to try the street food of Waziristan. Our main destination was Miranshah, a city that was fully overrun with Taliban just a few years ago. On the way there, we stopped for some incredible Pakistani street food.

First, we found some of the BEST BBQ Kababs, super fatty and rich and seasoned so well!! They were right on the side of the street and we ate around 20!

Next, we stopped on the side of the road to try some Waziristan style Pakoras, made with onion and potato, that actually tasted like Chicken!

After this, we went for a huge home cooked Waziristan style home cooked meal that Ali helped arrange. It was very delicious! There were so many plates to choose from, and giant breads and naan’s!

And once we finally reached into Miranshah, we found a little Chapli kabab joint that made super plump Chapli kabab beef patties loaded up with coriander seed and chili seed and spices! You can eat it with naan bread and it sops up all the oil and it’s so satisfying!

After this, we had to turn around, but in our short trip to Miranshah, we fell in love with the hospitality and the people we all met were very friendly and wouldn’t let us pay for a single meal!


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  1. Visiting North Waziristan was a true eye opener! Huge thanks to my buddy Ali for showing us and arranging this rare access , also go check out Eva's Insta too I believe that after a few years, North Waziristan has huge potential for tourism! Please leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you, and thanks so much for watching! We have a lot more vids coming up from Pakistan!! Make sure to watch all the previous vids in the series if you haven’t already, cause there’s a lot of great videos already up!

  2. O'Allah! Tera shukr hai hamara Waziristan musibton se bahir aa raha hai! Waziris kids, youth and elders are so beautiful and O'Allah bless them and bless Waziristan and bless Pakistan. Admeen.

  3. Have to say…amazed to see the hospitality and the food offered….never been to Pakistan but if I were to be there…Waziristan is where I will start and end my journey…love from an INDIAN

  4. ah my pashtoon Nation no matter how much wars you see how much blood you shed but nothing can take away the shine and smile from your faces your hospitality is the real reason for that shine on your faces may Allah prosper my Nation all over the world!

  5. What a great people's… All pakistani are same they did not get a single penny form him…. Love u Pakistan from TAMIL NADU… I have to admit we r not that much good in hospitality

  6. Mr Ali and Mr Trevor the free food you have eaten may not value much in your eyes but for those it may be their whole day earning, they showed hospitality You must have spoken from your mouth instead just writing in bottom of video.

  7. ❤️?,we are thankful specially Eva and you representing the positive image of our people ,you both deserve alottt of respect & love❤️, thank you

  8. They are poor but heart is rich give cap free and did nt take money for food as muslim our culture tell us give respect more and more to guest. Western media will nt tell you all because they dont want pakistan grow up.

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