Rescuing a terrified abandoned dog – The transformation will amaze you! Please share.

Rescuing a terrified abandoned dog - The transformation will amaze you! Please share.
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If you would like to adopt Holly (or her co-star friend Wally), please email Cheryl:
To make a small donation to Hope For Paws, please visit:

My family & friends in Germany – you can see the video here:

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  1. I'm very glad, their are kind angelic like people out their that care, you guys are the real MVP's.
    Thank you so much for doing such wonderful jobs and rescuing those beautiful fur babys. : )

  2. Did you cry after seeing this video? Please help. Remember: there's no more loyal friend than a dog. Animals depend on us. They need a lot of TLC and excercise and time. They can't speak up for themselves so let us stand up for them and give them our voice when needed. If you encounter an abused or neglected animal please contact the animal police or bring it to the animal shelter. Doing nothing makes you as bad as the perpetrator! If you save one animal then together we can help a lot! Please help. Thank you

  3. I know rod is old, I just had to come watch again.. I really wish they had a behaviorist on staff.. It takes much longer to gain the trust of a dog doing it this way.. Once you get the lead on the dog, immediately get up and walk with the dog and just let's go we are walking… That is how they do each other.. I'm the leader in saying we're going so trust me… Trying to pet first ect is much longer and leaves them in a horribly scared state longer which isn't good for them.. But, I'm so glad he loves so much and will do all it takes!!

  4. Things like this touch my heart
    unlike sad movies I sit though with a straight face…. BUT SAVING ANIMALS TOUCHES MY HEART seeing as mine passed away a few years ago… So now I feel more connected to them

  5. Ugh. Just grab sponsors and do it without donations from people who generally can't afford your luxurious lifestyle. I believe you have good intentions but when you're filming a terrified dog rather than helping it, go fuck yourself and take your donation requests and shove them into your intestines through your belly button you disgusting fuck.

  6. Hope the authorities are tracking down the former tenants that abandoned that girl. May they get it back 10 fold. Keep up the awesome work people!

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