My DNA Test Results!

My DNA Test Results!
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One of the questions I most frequently get asked is, “where are you from?” And I’m sure you get that question a lot too. Up until now, I had always said that I was from the United States, but my mother is Chinese and my Father has German roots. So it was an honor to be invited by 23andMe to participate in a DNA test to figure out my exact ancestry, and I was excited to participate.

My DNA test results – I am exactly 51.3 East Asian / Native American and 48.7% European (Germany / France). That’s my exact breakdown, so now you know exactly where I’m from and where my ancestry is from.

Ying and I chose to visit Germany, so we flew from Bangkok to Munich. After checking into our apartment in Munich we set off to eat German food – something I have very little experience with.

Here are the German food restaurants included in this video:

1. Haxnbauer
Whole roasted pork knuckle
Sausage and sauerkraut
Potato dumplings
Total price for everything – €56.50 total

2. Augustiner Keller München
Beer, apple juice, pretzel – €14.50 total

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  1. I am British Indian. Growing up we were taught the Germans were the enemy. They lost the war and all that tripe.
    The Germans, imho, are one of the best people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in my life. Always helpful, professional and to the point.

    Great beer. Great food. Great cars. Great country.

  2. Germany has always been one of my favourite counties to visit. Friendly people, great beer, and some really beautiful countryside! Another great video Mark!

  3. I've never seen someone so small shove so much food at one bite … watching him eat in this video was truly nauseating. I don't think I'll be watching anymore.

  4. Bavaria is not like the rest of Germany, ist very different to the other part of it, if u want to know more about ur famlyhistory u can go to the Mormon temple in USA, I think thy have the largest angsetery bank on the world all u need to have is the names birth an death date of the oldest people u know

  5. Your 2nd dish looks like " Nürnberger "
    The " potatoe balls " are made from raw potatoes, so their name is " Rohe Kartoffelklöße "
    ( in comparison to half and half- half raw, half cooked, and " Semmelknödel " – made with some chunks of roll in it)

  6. Don't think that all Germans eat " Haxn" , "Schnitzel" , Bratwurst, Kraut, Knödel and so on….
    It's really depend on the region where you live and from your consumer habits

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