LEVEL 9999 BEST Street Food in Pakistan – The ULTIMATE Lahori Street Food Tour of Lahore, Pakistan!

LEVEL 9999 BEST Street Food in Pakistan - The ULTIMATE Lahori Street Food Tour of Lahore, Pakistan!
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Level 9999 BEST Street Food in Pakistan! Today, we’re going for the ULTIMATE BEST Lahori Street Food Tour of Lahore, Pakistan!
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Today, we’re traveling in Pakistan to Lahore, bringing you for the ULTIMATE street food tour of Lahore, Pakistan! In this FULL ON street food tour of lahore, we’re trying 7 INCREDIBLE street foods in Lahore!

Lahore is one of Pakistan’s biggest and best cities to visit for food. There is a lifetime worth of street food to eat in Lahore. On our visit, we ate a ton of street food and BBQ chicken and spicy chicken curry and so much more!

We’re starting out our ULTIMATE Street Food tour of Lahore, Pakistan at Waris Nihari, one of the most richest and flavourful slow cooked beef stews in the world! It’s best to arrive early in the morning for the biggest and freshest pieces of beef, as this is a traditional Pakistani breakfast you need to try! I ordered 3 bowls of Nihari, one with beef brain, one with beef bone marrow, and one plain with a big chunk of beef! You can eat it on the street or you can also eat it inside at the restaurant. Their nihari beef curry recipe is definitely one of the best in the world! You need to try it!

Next up, and before going to some more famous and best restaurants in Lahore, we’re going to have a couple more street foods in Lahore, starting up first with the dehi wada, a local street snack that is spicy, cooling, and refreshing all in one. It’s made from potatoes and yoghurt with a sweet chutney and also a spicy mint chutney!

After this, we’re going to try another famous street food in Lahore, the mutton haleem! This is another rich stew made from wheat flour and lots of masala and desi ghee and of course mutton! It was served with the commando naan, one of the best breads in the world! You need to try this!

After this, we’re going to one of the best chicken curry and mutton curry restaurants in Pakistan, if not the world, the mutton kerahi at butt kerahi restaurant in Lahore. It’s made in a pan full of butter and ghee and yoghurt with lots of garlic and onions. To me, this was one of my favourite foods in all of Pakistan!

After this, we’re bringing you for the famous takatak AKA katakat in Lahore. This is a famous street food in Pakistan that includes a huge selection of organs and meats like testicles, liver, and more, all put onto a huge circular tawa grill and chopped up in a super fast ninja speed precision and mixed with tomato, onion, and lots of masala and butter! It doesn’t get any better than this! I ordered 5 goat testicles and it was fantastic!

And for our main dinner, we’re visiting a famous BBQ chicken street food. Here, at Khalifa Balochi Sajji, you can get WHOLE CHICKEN BBQ right on the coals! It was one of the most SATISFYING things to watch in the street food world! It was loaded with light masala and served with a huge plate of Biryani! This was definitely one of the nicest chickens you’ll ever taste, and watching it roast over the coals on the BBQ was incredible!

And to finish off the day, we’re bringing you for one last street food in Pakistan, the kulfi falooda, an ice cream and falooda mix that was sweet and full of cream and cardamom, truly delicious!

I hope you’re enjoying this big Pakistani street food video series! Thanks so much for watching, I would love to hear from you down below!

There is much more street food in our Pakistani food videos series, get ready for the playlist of a lifetime!!

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Thanks so much for watching my Pakistan Street Food videos!


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  1. Pakistani street food is just on another level..I had watched lots of Indian street food but Pakistani street food is more varied and in a way more hygienic than the Indians!!

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