Isle of Man TT Road Racing Near Misses

Isle of Man TT Road Racing Near Misses
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Isle of Man TT Road Racing – Close Calls – Crashes and Near Miss Compilation. (No Deaths or Fatalities)
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The footage in this video is used for criticism, commentary, education and review and as such is protected by fair use law

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  1. If you choose to something as dangerous as motorcycle racing then I refuse to feel sorry for you if you get hurt…. it is like feeling sorry for people that blow all their money gambling. It is easy to avoid such outcomes, just DON"T…

  2. Mot 🏍 You know how you watch extreme sports and your like there crazy but not to bad this you think there suicidal it's horrifying

  3. Ridiculous that the camera operators are told to point the camera away the second a crash starts to occur. Video footage of crashes can lead to determining a cause for a crash, and help prevent those same sorts of crashes in the future. They’re also used as an educational tool. Ordering camera operators to throw the camera out of frame of the crash is beyond stupid.

  4. I can't choose one favourite crash all the crashes are horrible, thtas a stupid question.

    Sorry for my english i known that is not good.

  5. Hello I am not a real fan but because all I achieved was glueing together two of my furry porn calenders. I want to vindictively moan that road racing should be banned. With any luck no one will notice my political dog in the fight. Stop the deaths in the name of homosexuality!
    Before you start calling me a jumped up twot I want to let you know I once ate a hot-dog whilst wheelying past Michael Dunlop calling him a disgrace to the sport!

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