Eric & Peety, a Mutual Rescue™ film

Eric & Peety, a Mutual Rescue™ film
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Six years ago, Eric weighed 340 pounds and was diagnosed with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and Type II Diabetes. His doctor told him he had 5 years to live.

Then he met Peety—and everything changed.

Peety was adopted from Humane Society Silicon Valley. Jake was adopted from Seattle Humane. Please support local animal shelters and rescue groups in your area.

“Eric & Peety”
Produced by Advocate Creative
Sponsored by Timi Sobrato & John M. Sobrato
© 2016 Humane Society Silicon Valley, all rights reserved.
Mutual Rescue™ is a trademark of Humane Society Silicon Valley.


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  1. I remember when we burry my sister pet rabbit… to this day… I can still remember that I kept petting her as if she was still alive…. just enough to make me think she’ll get right back up… only to do more damage control to myself…

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