42 Examples of Dangerous Overtaking – Really Stupid Drivers !!!

42 Examples of Dangerous Overtaking - Really Stupid Drivers !!!
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42 Examples of Dangerous Overtaking – Really Stupid Drivers – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. I envy these drivers. Imagine how wonderful their destinations must be to sacrifice life and limb to get there like two minutes sooner.

  2. Идиоты пересевшие с тазика на иномарку не чувствуют скорости.

  3. I have no pity for idiots when they drive recklessly and endanger the lives o others. If they have a death wish fine, but do not involve innocent people. Plus there needs to more Draconian Laws against Drunk Driving,, especially those under the influence of DRUGS and Alcohol

  4. Could also be titled "Dumb shits who think they're hot shit find out they ain't shit"

    Or: "Fucking asshole idiots risking other people's lives for a thrill "

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