Little Dog Given Months To Live Proves Everyone Wrong | The Dodo

Little Dog Given Months To Live Proves Everyone Wrong | The Dodo
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Little Dog Given Months To Live Is Proving Everyone Wrong | When this puppy met his foster mom, he only had 6 months to live and could barely walk — look at him now! To help Nikki save more dogs, you can support Road Dogs and Rescue: Follow Monty and his family on Instagram:

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  1. WOW what an amazing little dog courage strength and full of love. God bless you and your family for giving this wonderful dog hope to carry on living a full doggy life. Congratulations heres to the next 10 years

  2. I don’t necessarily think breeders should stop, but I do think those who don’t care about the wellbeing of the dogs should not be given the right to breed.

  3. Monty and the lil marshmallow will be like siblings!! Monty is so cute I could just hug him! He looks like a wittle teddy bear! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Crystal and sound therapy wtf I’m actually shocked people really think those things work. I really wonder what goes through people’s minds when they hear about a type of crystal or sound that curse people from certain sicknesses. But a year being with them, good on you doggo good on you.

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