Kakashi Vs Itachi Childhood!!

Kakashi Vs Itachi Childhood!!
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waddup guys, welcome back for another video!!


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  1. Itachi's childhood sure is sad, but man, Kakashi went through hell. I'm so sorry for Kakashi.

    He's my favorite character btw

  2. I honestly think that the worsts childhoods in this show were between Kakashi and Naruto. Naruto was always judged in his childhood because he always had the nine tailed fox. Not only that No one wanted to be his friends. He had no parents and was always hungry most of his childhood. Kakashi on the other hand had friends. He had Obito Rin Minato. But his father committed suicide and he would have to cook on his own. Later on his friends died right in front of him. He got the Sharingan and he was known as Kakashi of the Sharingan. Later on in there lives Naruto became acknowledged because of him always training since he was a genin and when he saved the village twice he finally became acknowledged as the best shinobi ever. He didn’t care if the village Tortured him or his friend betrayed him (SASUKEEE) but he was always there for them. He became the seventh hokage right before his mentor kakashi hatake

  3. Boruto sucks ass,its trash,only the part were they fought the 2 white guys was good.i hope it gets way better

  4. Itachi sees little brother and realizes there is meaning to life and vows to protect him

    Kakashi sees Obito sacrifice himself for his teammates and vows to honor his friend’s memories and never abandon a friend

    Boruto sees Naruto protecting the entire village and sacrifice himself and just goes straight back to hating his dad a couple episodes later

    What a let down to the legacy Boruto is

  5. This isn't a dick waving contest. They both have tragedy and their lives but in different ways. One is not necessarily more tragic than the other. It's just different forms of tragedy.

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