Found this cute puppies abandoned during one of my ride

Found this cute puppies abandoned during one of my ride
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Here is a story of how it works here before anyone loose their mind that I have been a terrible person for leaving behind those puppies back. I was riding from my hometown to the city I work which was around 500km away. I found this at around 250km away from my hometown. There were many reasons I couldn’t have rescued the puppies as I was travelling to my workplace(if it were to back home I could have take it home) as I do not have the laxury of having pets where I work. I did not have anything to carry as even my jacket was skin tight and I would have risked their life if at all I tried to carry them on my bike as they were trying to run away from me.

One more thing as to why I didn’t seem to much bothered is because the fact that it is kind of common sight to see abandoned pets. More than you can imagine. Normally I try to move them away from the road. In this video it was getting scared of me(other puppy) and trying to run away from me. There was a cliff and if it fall off I will be risking their any chance left to survival. So I had to leave them back. There were few houses nearby and I am just hoping they found some home and survived.

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