Carne Asada and Camping in Arizona

Carne Asada and Camping in Arizona
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Sorry to publish something completely random today. This is a video from earlier this year when we were in the US (filmed in April 2015).

The audio isn’t so good, but hope you still enjoy this camping trip we took, and Carlos made some marvelously good carne asada for dinner!


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  1. Tonto State Park is beautiful! Went 2 yrs ago but was over 110 out. Didn't do much hiking. Lol but now we have to find the bbq place so thank you for sharing!

  2. Love your videos mark God bless u and your beautiful family I want to invite u to eat the best enchiladas en carnitas please call me 19289553143 and abujas u wiill get surpriseeeeeeed

  3. Mark i think youre cool as hell, but stop over stuffing your goddam mouth. You look like a python when it dislocates it jaw trying to eat something that too damn big. Still watching ✌

  4. dari sisi geografi aja indonesia udah kalah untuk tempat wisata, tempat wisata tuh kayak gini, bukan hutan belukar

    tempat wisatanya bagus-bagus, bisa sampe bawa kendaraan sendiri untuk camping, ada parkiran, hiking ga terlalu jauh dari spot wisatanya, beda banget dah, pantes orang pada liburan keluar negeri, jauh dikit ke bali, yaah pariwisata disini hancur lebur

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