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  1. 1:42 the entire fucking ocean. They had the ENTIRE fucking ocean to move around each other and they didn't. Hard to say which is the stand-on vessel though. One is way bigger and that shouldn't be expected to give way, but the way they met, the bigger one should have. just a dumbass game of chicken

  2. Second one looks real to me. Looks like they grounded their vessel intentionally and the camera simply doesn’t deliver cinema quality footage.

  3. The second one looked so fake. Their was no wake from the water in front of the boat. Also you could see the boat wobbling a bit in the beginning. As if the "program" was rendering it in.

  4. Fuck ship breaking! We ie, Europe and the Americas use the most costly engineering and labor to produce the steel, bronze, diesels, copper and all other shit in these beautiful vessels; continue to cheap out by using flags of convince ie. Liberia to save a few bucks and then pay these dirt poor Africans and others shit for money with no benefit to do the highly skilled job of cutting up and sorting the metals from these bohemoths while continuing to cheap out by not being environmentally responsible with all the diesel, oil, and hydraulic fluid not to mention other shit on the ships just to effect a bottom line and repressing the communities that rely on this dangerous shit paying job that an American or European would receive 30-50 dollars per hour and have safety gear and shoes to do. Sorry for rambling.

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