Best Fails/Wins of April 2019

Best Fails/Wins of April 2019
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Best fails and wins from last month. Enjoy 🙂

Intro Music: “Welcome to the Show” by Kevin MacLeod


“Backup channel”:


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  1. The Muslim on the subway doesn't even glance at buddy's magic trick…..seriously, they are not normal, believing in an evil political movement, disguised as a religion…

  2. So happy I found this channel proper edits no repeats no extra added bullshit music or effects you just got a sub lol

  3. Ok that last one got my nerves so bad I though it was happening to me, I kept telling the ladies to shut and its not funny, I am so scared I have to take a break and get myself together, o my goodness!

  4. A hair dresser to get a small mammal out of your hair, seriously? They're barely intelligent enough to cut and style hair, and with some of the bad haircuts I've received as a man, that's highly questionable for half of them.

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