The rescue story you would not watch

The rescue story you would not watch
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In one of the thousands of shares that my Petra’s story has received around the world (“The dog that turned to stone”), there was one in an Australian page where a woman’s comment is still haunting me after one year. “It’s funny how people spare no expenses to save such a sick dog, but the average rescue gets put down after a week or two in the pound”, she wrote. Back then I only replied that in Greece, no dogs are put to sleep and we do pay the same amount of attention to all our rescues, viral or not. But the thing is that she was so right, and I really hope that whoever she is, this video reaches her one day. For years I felt like one of those reporters, with the camera all charged and ready, waiting for a call that would say “you need to come to the clinic now”, so that I could film a rescue dog or cat at its worst. Because this is what I knew people would want to see. How weird is that? Of all the rescue dogs and cats that have found their forever homes through my channel, my biggest success was Bee, who was never in any of my videos. Her mum had seen Blue’s story, that went viral, and what she did after that was take a look at the charity that had rescued Blue, and at the dogs they had for adoption. And she found Bee. The rescue stories we all love and share will keep coming of course, because there will always be dogs whose recovery will make you go “wow”. But for all the above reasons and for everything said in the video, lately I am trying to avoid the gruesome thumbnails and the most graphic of footage. I am not sure it will help, but it makes me feel better and in a way, I think it pictures a dog’s rescue with a bit more respect – seeing an animal at it’s worst, with close ups to open wounds and horrific injuries is not something I am a fan of. All dogs in the video (apart from 2 that were never picked from the street) were rescued in Greece by the following rescue groups:
Save a Greek Stray:
Linda’s Greekies:–EPy5bRpU&t=814s
To adopt Candy and Evo please contact SCARS at:
To adopt Brigitte and Claire please email SPAZ at:
To adopt Daya, Daphne, Pirate and Elias please email Save a Greek Stray at:

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  1. I beg to differ here. I watch many, many rescue clips of strays who are just lost & not injured or abused. I cry just as much over those & their fear of their rescuers. Its the rescue I'm interested in, not suffering. I've also stopped watching one channel where they regularly hold up a massively injured animals head for long lingering camera shots before pain relief is given: & the person who runs it does a glory seeking piece to camera intro on every case.

  2. You are not exploiting them, you dear lady save them through your pictures and stories about the horror and cruelty of these beautiful animals.

  3. Thank you so much for all you do. The world needs more people like you. You provide these animals with the unconditional love and care they so desperately need. Without you they would not survive. You are a god sent angel.

  4. The cruelty is overwhelming. These beautiful and blessed animals that give us so much joy and comfort to be treated this badly is unbearable. I watch these stories and I cannot stand it. Kids have become very cruel and that is disheartening. But adults are just sickening. Thank you for sharing

  5. These stories break my heart, especially abandoned pets who are so confused, heartbroken and lost, yet loyally seek the beloved owners who are the very ones who left them so callously.
    No matter how many we adopt, there are still so many still needing rescue.
    I wish there were no kill shelters too.
    I wish I could adopt the blind, deaf, 3 legged, old pets who might be overlooked for the cute puppies. I wish I could do more.

  6. For calling attention to the problem of cruel, subhuman, criminal, worthless shits who seem to enjoy pain and abandonment … COME TO ME AND LET ME SHOW WHAT REAL PAIN AND ABANDONMENT FEELS LIKE, BITCHES!!! I live far out in the countryside, no neighbors, just seclusion who no one can hear your cries, feel you misery, look into your eyes pleading for help, soothe the open wounds in your hallow heart and infantile brain!! PLEASE JOIN ME YOU FUCKING SYPHILITIC PARASITES!! This problem aint gonna stop till each and every one of us gets in the faces of these "human roadkills", publically call them out, escort them to real punishment (prison or penal colonies), force real reparations and at every turn in their week-knee lives SHAME them!! They are cowards, societal slugs and bacterial waste! If these cruds can do this to animals imagine their relationships/interactions with other people. STOP THIS CRUELTY, STOP THESE PARASITES!!!

  7. oh gee, this clip starts with a 5 sec commercial with Wikibuy, the same fucking info stealing cunts from Wikileaks … nice … let me subscribe and watch my info sold to the highest bidder … ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING!!?!!

  8. I too cry at your videos. But I cannot & do not watch horror videos. Your voice is beautiful and you are an angel. I pray for the dogs you show as that is all I can do. But I have 2 adopted dogs myself. 1 I rescued myself, he had been left on a chain wrapped around a post unable to move, no food, water or shelter for a long time. He was 6 months old and he weighed 12 pounds. After I fed him all he wanted for 1 week he weighed 36 pounds. He is now 3 years old and healthy and happy and loved. I do not care what an idiot may say, I rescued him a from a bad situation and gave him a good forever home. If any body reads this I say adopt don't shop, but look into the eyes at the shelter you will find your forever soulmate and your rewards will be endless love.

  9. Very poignant. However I like to think the shock factor that your exposee on certain dogs made, opens peoples minds to the plight of these poor creatures. I can tell you that your videos made me think about these gruesome realities faced by Greek and other poor dogs and made me want to do something about it. Thank you- your bideos serve as a catharsis so that the ones not on videos can be hopefully saved

  10. You are truly an amazing human being and I know exactly what you are are telling us.
    My three rescue dogs were not the dogs I would have chosen but came to me in need of emergency fostering where I fell in love with them and could not let them move on. More people should foster a dog that they no nothing about and have never seen. I believe most compassionate souls would end keeping their fosters after being exposed to the unconditional love and affection so freely offered by these precious souls. I'm a 3 time failed dog foster and couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for what you do every day for the downtrodden dogs of Greece!

  11. I have always been bothered by people who are so quick to want to adopt an animal who's story has gone viral like they're competing for a prize. Where are they for the millions dying in shelters.

  12. Well said and well done! Thank you. I have rescued a dog from a breeder. He was in a mess. Expensive vet visits and lots of love and now he is fine. I wish I could rescue them all.x

  13. I love your heart & all you do for our lovely precious creatures that Yahweh loves so much and humans care so little for. May Yahweh bless and keep you.

  14. Valia, thank you for making this vid. I know your heart is shattered into tiny pieces and then filled with joy. Your words crush my heart and inspire me to find a way of what we spoke of. Thank you for all your time you put in at the shelters and all the painful, but loving vids you take. May the sun always shine brightly on you and all the amazing people you work with. ~ Dawn

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