Mouthwatering Muslim Cuisine in Xi'An, China

Mouthwatering Muslim Cuisine in Xi'An, China
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Join the Food Ranger for a food journey of Xi’An’s most famous food street.
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Here you will find a fusion between Middle Eastern and Chinese flavours.

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  1. I love videos about city tours, markets and street food. Xian, where I was recently and also made some videos, is a fantastic city with lots of points of interest in your neighborhood. Loved your video

  2. Wow… Its insaannnneee how much you have changed as a Host, less nervous and a lot more enthusiasm now. I've been wanting to do it here in Ecuador but I feel like I would be more like this hahah.

  3. Love your videos, Trevor! But I can't help laughing when you describe the population as "lively" and the woman being shown at that time is taking a nap (0:47). Not trying to be critical here, but just got a chuckle out of it. Keep up the great work!

  4. The narration has a different feel, maybe more formal, than the typical FR video.
    The style reverts to the familiar tone a bit further along.

  5. Wow what a difference 4 years makes. Your filming style and the way you speak has changed so much since!

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