Hopes For Paws Kids Confront Junkyard About Starving Dogs – The Dog Saviors

Hopes For Paws Kids Confront Junkyard About Starving Dogs - The Dog Saviors
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Watch Hope For Paws Rescue Starving Chained Dogs Living In Feces Rescued *PUPDATE* The Dog Saviors by the World Animal Awareness Society & WA2S Films.

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The Hounds of Paulding County, Ohio. This is an ongoing case – and many of these dogs need new homes as soon as they can be released following their medical care.

As of Wednesday afternoon July 10, 2018, the situation with these dogs has changed a little, at least for 3 – 4 of the dogs.

Stacie Fedderke, Lead Abuse Investigator and Director of Fort Defiance Humane Society, a non profit serving nearby Defiance County took some of the dogs in and they are getting fattened up, loved on, and healthy.

To adopt any of the dogs at FDHS: https://fortdefiancehumanesociety.org

Thank you to the Landwehr family – a bunch of dog loving “Dog Ambassadors” Thank you, Ivy, Jakob, Ariel, Zachariah, Jonathon, Phoebe, Miriam, and Dad.

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  1. Help the World Animal Awareness Society save thousands of at risk dogs working with dozens of dog rescues around the world. The work never stops, and we need you. Donate and help us help rescuers save more lives! https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=KHP45KZP99TQL

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  2. Every last one of those poor dogs have got to be removed! That low life owner if that’s what you want to call him needs to go to jail!! Or better yet make him live the way he was making those poor innocent dogs live!!

  3. Thnx millionz to ALL those who don't just walk away…& "mind their own affairs!" in ANY situation where another living creature & ESP the "voiceless" r SUFFERING in ANY WAY…PLEASE DO SOMETHING, even if u report anonymously. PLEASE DO SOMETHING. Thnx millionz ?

  4. This was in July of 2018 thank you for helping. I was wondering what has happened to the rest. It is Feb 2019 winter has not been good. Also those dogs living in cages and boxes what about them. That is as much cruelty as anything else. Please give us an update. There are other organizations that can help also. If all work together. More voices heard for these poor dogs the better. Again thank you and thank the children for caring

  5. They are no better than vile dog fighters.the way those dogs are kept doesnt make them any use as guard dogs,chained.boxed and starved,so why the hell keep the poor animals.l hope they are all saved from this disgusting man & woman,l would like to see them jailed but it wont happen.Shame that sherrif was full of bullshit.

  6. This is unbearable to watch, I just do not get it? Why do they have dogs and why is it allowed to carry on? Why animals have to keep on suffering because of human beings. These people stink and so does the system. The fact that animal lovers in this world have to stand back and watch!!! Will we ever change? Will the system ever change? Heart-breaking……..

  7. I can’t figure out people’s thought process about they way they treat their animals. Do those owners really go to bed at night without a thought or care for those dogs? How do they live day to day knowing that the dogs are unable to move, that they have no food or water, that they have to lie in their own filth?? Wouldn’t it be great if these people and others like them could experience their dogs’ suffering through some kind of virtual reality setup? Naturally we couldn’t actually DO that to people who have no consciences, but I’d be in favor of it!

  8. When it first aired..I caller couple of rescue groups up there since I'm in Ga so hopefully all the dogs get rescued not just 4. These people do NOT need to have any dogs since they cannot take care of them and the fact they need acres to run and play not chained up their whole life like this…I wish I had a huge farm with acres because I would adopt every one 9f them!! Please people in that State adopt them if you even live close to that area..thank you

  9. This still makes me mad. Yes some were saved but this man shouldn't have any of those dogs. What is wrong with that man in charge not doing what he is suppose to do. That warden needs fired.

  10. Take them all out, what are you waiting for, mr policeman? It is very clear animals cruelty. The owners should be put in cages.
    Free them please!

  11. Fucking White trailer trash. Take them ALL away and FORBID them from having ANY ANIMALS. Make the authorities CLEAN THAT SHIT HOLE MESS UP. This is disgraceful.

  12. That cop and the owner of those ill treated innocent dogs, needs to take a lesson from those beautiful children in the art of compassion and kindness.

  13. Any idea how many dogs that guy still has? How many puppies? I feel so badly for all of them. I'm sharing this as I am originally from Ohio.. I wish with all my heart that some of my friends and family back there can help.

  14. Hello! I just wanted to say most of those dogs were Treeing Walker coonhounds for those who don't know. My husband raises and trains them. Please research this breed well if you are considering adopting. They are bred to hunt and most are extremely active/"high strung", big, and very strong. Can be very sweet, but they're hounds…NOT a dog that will do well indoors. Need lots of acreage to roam. Know what you're getting into. 🙂

  15. Thanks for the update & Bless these kids again, they know how dogs should be treated and are caring enough to help. My beagles and I are so proud of them.

  16. Tom please keep checking on these dogs and these people. We have had this scandal in Michigan about Mason, Michigan and Animal Control. They let some dogs starve and put some down. It has been on the news. So please keep on these folks. I know how difficult you can be if you want so please do it and thank you for all you do for our four legged friends. ????????

  17. Thank you so much for the update! And thank you for helping all the fur babies! Its so hard for me to not cry whenever I watch these. ?❤️?

  18. I know rescues know and people that have an inkling of knowledge about dogs know they will not go potty where they eat or sleep.
    It’s such a shame these dogs had little or no choice. Poor babies. I thank you for your kindness in saving them. Bless you people. I also know it’s a tremendous strain on your heart and theirs.
    Double blessings for all you rescues ?❣️

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