Cutest Puppies of All Time!

Cutest Puppies of All Time!
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We’re counting down the top 10 cutest puppy videos. We’ve done cats so now it’s time to decide. Who wins? Puppies or kittens?

Top 10 Cat Videos:


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  1. I am a huge fan of every cat, my cats are waaaaay more snuggly then my jumpy dogs! I have 2 collies and 1 poodle, my most snuggly cat is my manecoon, Suzy and I love her super sweet and playful daughter, Zuzu! But my number 1 favorite is my oldest cat Ozzy! He will snuggle u to death!!!!

  2. Go on hit or whip the Things. Send the "things" to the dog meat processing factory in China, Hanoi, or Korea. Club the bastards, and then send “them” to be processed.

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