Bat Woman Rescues Hundreds Of Bats | The Dodo

Bat Woman Rescues Hundreds Of Bats | The Dodo
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This woman has rescued hundreds of bats — and it’s amazing to see them fly back to the wild. Love Animals? Subscribe:

You can follow Megabattie the bat rescuer on YouTube ( and Facebook ( to support her ongoing bat conservation efforts.

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  1. I just discovered this video about Meg, the Bat rescuer. I've been watching her videos for a couple of months now. She is a Bat Angel, so loving and patient in rescuing these beautiful animals. So happy to see her work recognized. No easy task!

  2. I remember when I was younger i was at my cousin's home and I found a dying baby bat so I tried to rescue him/her and it was working until my cousin's mother came and grabbed the baby bat and threw it away…It was so sad because maybe if she didn't threw it like that it could survive but she did…I cried so much

  3. Make sure you check out Meg’s YouTube channel Megabattie. She’s fantastic. When you can, try to let the ads on her videos play all the way through to help generate revenue for the bats.

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