Best Fails of the Week: Bad Drivers #734 (February 2018 | CCTube

Best Fails of the Week: Bad Drivers #734 (February 2018 | CCTube
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Best Fails of the Week: Bad Drivers #734 (February 2018 | CCTube – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. Cars don't lose traction and wipe out unless you drive too fast for road conditions. It takes experience to be able to determine when you are at adhesion limits, but not that much experience. Most people in North America figure it out pretty quickly, not so in Russia. It really looks like these guys are just in love with going too fast. " Hey look at me ,,,, I'm a road warrior ,,,,,, Oh no ,,,,,, Sooka Sooka ,,,,, belle yet ,,,,, nee hoo yaw ,,,,,, SMASH!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, road rage at it's ultimate! defensive driving must not be an option, only turn signal usage, no side or rear mirror use. Thank God for USA driving regulations, if not we would be in the same conditions as Russia, every driver for themselves!!!

  3. 8:28 That driver's pretty good at dodgerock!
    In the last clip, try as he might to hide his plates from the driver he assaulted, the cammer behind him already recorded them!

  4. I think its time the rest of the world took it to the Russians. We're already in the early days of The Second Cold War, we should act accordingly. Kick them off the the UN Security Council, isolate the fuck out of them. Wage a massive and unrelenting cyber attack aimed at top political figures, their money and where their money goes.

  5. Buahahahahahahaha!! That last guy in the taxi covering his plate like it’s going to matter at that point! ? What an ass hole & an idiot!! I hope he looses his license & goes to jail.

  6. when i see this amount of comment about russians , i ask myself why people are so dumb , if 90% of russian have a dashcam and 10% of others country have dashcam , its logic to see almost only video from russian , it don't mean at all they are worst than others , please use your fucking brain if you have one before post a comment , and if it's too hard , don't comment.

  7. Half of these are cause by weather conditions. I'd like to see you attempt at taking control of a spin out on icy roads at 80-100kmh

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