Two Pit Bulls tied with chains and locks abandoned under the freeway.

Two Pit Bulls tied with chains and locks abandoned under the freeway.
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  1. It's ironic how people say pit bulls are sooo aggressive and yet these dogs (((PITBULLS)))are the sweetest dogs I've seen hope for paws rescue thus far. They've been neglected and yet still they didn't bark or growl they were just afraid and wanted to be loved.

  2. I have a rescue Pitbull who was used for fighting and my brother found her in Illinois and brought her back home with us because he had to go overseas and Magz, the pitbull is the most sweetest and most playful dog you’ll ever meet. God bless these pit bulls 🙁

  3. Shit I'm crying…..I HATE people that can leave a animal like that.Poor babies,I noticed the grey one shyed away at first….poor DOG. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  4. I’m sick and tired of people thinking pitbulls are mean some might be that’s because the were treated the wrong way without love and affection I want a pit bull but my mom be nice pitbulls

  5. These were probably owned by a homeless or just abandoned. Poor things they're were just waiting there for someone to help them. Thanks for Hope for paws and they're given their second chance.

  6. WTF this much dislike??? go dislike tseries and pewdipies channel u assholes this is such a good thing . i love ur videos u guys are so kind.

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