The Vault – Best Ever Food Review Show

The Vault - Best Ever Food Review Show
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This week we try dining in the dark at The Vault in Hongdae. PLUS a great promo offer for viewers of this show!


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The Vault:

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The Vault
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  1. I have been watching your videos since day one and I thought why not kick it back to the old days.

    You have come so far and I know your just a food show but you have inspired me in so many different ways!
    Your awesome ❤️❤️

  2. i cannot breath in the dark. oh my god i will never be able to have food in this place. anyway you are the best food reviewer sonny ??????

  3. i dont care if you sold your self out. hell, someone should pay you for these entertaining, funny, great food reviews. keep it up sonny, this is the best ever food review show.

  4. This is Cat from
    Brooklyn NY!?

    The Vault was a famous S&M Club in New York City in the 70s and 80s! I guess they relocated? LOL! (I shit you not!)Look it up!〰??????⛏?????❤☮?

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