Caution! Horse! (Accidents with participation horses)

Caution! Horse! (Accidents with participation horses)
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Caution! Horse! (Accidents with participation horses)
Daily collection of car crashes, accidents, as well as a variety of funny things on the road.


Channel created collections for car crashes and road accidents captured by car DVR, as well as different collection on the theme of cars, such as instant karma, incredible luck on the road, woman driving rednecks and louts, road rage, roadside assistance, etc.

A new selection of car accidents and the accident comes out every day! All road accidents and accidents in the video as a teaching tool and for educational purposes only. Be careful and attentive on the road. Follow the rules.

Dear viewers, if you own the copyright to any video posted on the channel and you are against the deployment of your movies on the list, and if you want to see your video on the list please write to us:

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  1. This has nothing to do with horses and riders! But with the people behind the wheel!! Horses are animals that quickly startle. If there is an idiot comes along drive with full speed, it makes sense day they run wild. People if a horse comes down to row soft, it can be very dangerous!!

  2. I understand why people have to ride on roads (especially in England). It can be hard trying to find other ways to get to where you and your horse are going to ride rather than riding on the road, sometimes we just have no choice, but on a highway????

  3. Everybody on here seems pretty dumb horses are stupid and unpredictable most of you probably have never been around any and have no idea what to expect with these easy spooked shitty animals that are only good for eating and shitting now days yes they should not be in cities people have them in cities to try and make money or it’s some drunk farmer trying to take the highway home

  4. That rider at 0:56 couldn't be more reckless – trotting along a dark, fast moving road with NO lights?!! He was asking to get plowed into – it's a shame the horse had to suffer for his stupidity. In my country and surely most others, any vehicle on a road MUST use lights at night.

  5. Everyone is saying it’s the drivers fault, which yes people in cars should definitely slow down and go wide but some of the videos the riders just trotted out in front of the cars so partially the riders fault too

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