Tuslob Buwa – Cebuano Brain Gravy in the Philippines!

Tuslob Buwa - Cebuano Brain Gravy in the Philippines!
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Chicken Ass in the Philippines → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZepgxbipg8

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About This Episode:
Today we’re heading back into Cebu City for our final food farewell. First on the menu is a Cebuano classic, located in the back alleys of Pasil, Tuslab Buwa. This was an unexpected treat. Little bit of pork brain matter mixed with oil, starch and soy sauce, which ends up making a surprisingly good dip for the Cebu hanging rice known as Puso. Hit play and get ready to be confused as your mouth waters. 😉

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  1. It's my fsve delicacy in visayas philippines ! Im actually going to eat it later for dinner! Add some spices garlic red chilli onion pepper and more! ?

  2. I wonder why you don’t have a show on the Food Network. I think more than a vlog, you deserve to have a permanent show on tv! Love how you incorporate your humor to your reviews. Proud Filipino here watching from Las Vegas!??♥️?

  3. Please go to my hometown Batac, Ilocos Norte Philippines. You can try authentic ilocano food like batac empanada, batac longganisa, bagnet. You can also visit our "dayo" where they do animal exchange and they have yusi or a soup made for hangover and many more. You can try our local ilocano street foods like dinakdakan and other yummy food.

  4. Just thought of this how does medical insurance work there( meaning where he lives? ) is it expensive? Here in the U.S. if u don't have medical insurance u get penalized when you do your taxes $$$$$$ thanks 2 Obama $$+×=%!!!!

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