Pit Bull Rescued From Dogfighting Slowly Turns Into The Happiest Pup | The Dodo Pittie Nation

Pit Bull Rescued From Dogfighting Slowly Turns Into The Happiest Pup | The Dodo Pittie Nation
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Pit Bull Rescued From Dogfighting Slowly Turns Into The Happiest Pup | This woman rescued a pit bull who had been used for dogfighting, and he was so shut down that he wouldn’t leave her bedroom. She was devastated for him but knew he was worth all the time and love he needed — and 2 years later, he’s like a puppy again!

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  1. It's cool to see how all these people helping dogs, but why they feed them ice cream? I saw that in many videos on these chanel… Dogs can not eat ice cream it's to many sugar for them and they also don't need milk, or they will have bad diarrhea! It is not an attack, just please, BE CAREFUL, it's can be deadly for your dogs!
    I'm talkin about 2:15

  2. Growing up in a no-pets-allowed household, I was afraid of having dogs get close to me out in public. But I've realized dogs like Felon & Bluto (the Hippo) changed all of that. I've fallen in love with dogs! These babies are EXACTLY the ones I want. I don't understand why people abuse this breed the most; they are so sweet.

  3. I wholeheartedly thank you for your patience and love. As a pet parent of a difficult dog, I know how hard it is to get through those difficult times and how rewarding it is when they finally open up.

  4. It kind of upsets me that so many think …..if things don't change ( like with a pet)…..within days, weeks…… that it's the Animal that doesn't be""like""…them!! I mean….really?? Like she said…..this dog at his worst had his throat sliced!!! She's thinking the dog doesn't like her…..she failed,??? Ohhhhh….poor her,,!!!! Many think like this & give up the dog / cat cuz they didn't behave like the adopter wanted them to in a matter of weeks, etc!! My opinion……but …..it's true!! Thank God……she didn't give up……TY for that!!!

  5. Sigh. A woman covered in tats, too much makeup, and a tongue ring adopts a pit bull. How original. Pit mommies are the worst.

    Guess it doesn't matter if the dog finds a good home.

  6. cannot wait to move out and rescue pitbulls on death row ;( just wanna offer them love n affection and of course tons of treatos

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