Kitkat Playroom LIVE: Tiny Bytes – Adoptable Orphan Kittens

Kitkat Playroom LIVE: Tiny Bytes - Adoptable Orphan Kittens
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The kittens names (and theme) are computer terms #nerdalert:
Black girl: Pixel
Grey boy: Nibble
Stripey buff boy with light pink nose and white stripe on nose: Mac
Swirly buff boy with darker nose: Tosh

Approx Birthdate (Pixel and Nibble): March 11, 2019
Approx Birthdate (Mac and Tosh): March 4, 2019

Pixel and Nibble were found by themselves at about 2 1/2 weeks old and brought to a local South Jersey shelter. We do not know what happened to their mother, but she certainly took exceptional care of them while she could. KKP rescued them from the shelter on the day they were brought in by animal control.

Mac and Tosh were found alone in a basement window sill and brought to a Philly shelter. They were very underweight and dirty when first rescued.

Weight Chart:

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Adopt, Donate, Wishlist:

Kitkat Playroom is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) rescue based in southern New Jersey. We believe that tiny cats are mighty heroes. Any donation you contribute is tax-deductible. We are an all-volunteer rescue; we have no paid staff. Cash/credit, food, and supply donations made to Kitkat Playroom go directly to the needs of our adoptable fosters. Monetary donations are used for their emergency and routine veterinary care. Anything donated in excess of their needs will be saved and used for the next family of momcat/kittens that Kitkat Playroom rescues. THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING TO DONATE TO OUR KITKUBS! We are very small and need every bit of help we can get!

– NO SWEARING or dirty talk. Please keep chat PG and family-friendly.
– Please do not type in all caps when Foster Jen is speaking in the room, we use them for CC (closed captioning) which helps our viewers who have difficulty hearing or viewers who do not have their sound turned on. We appreciate your enthusiasm! We think the kittens are SQUEE!!-worthy, too! However, please use other methods to express yourself, like emojis. 🙂
– Do not use abusive language about momcat, the kittens, or each other. We can disagree, but please be respectful.
– You may link to other rescue kitten or rescue animal cams, in moderation. Do not ask for subscriptions to personal channels. Do not advertise non-rescue cams or channels.
– We support the tremendous effort of animal rescues around the globe. That said, it can be confusing to Kitkat Playroom viewers when someone discusses cats from another cam. Moderators will use their discretion and may remove posts that confuse the chat.
-IGNORE the trolls. Trolls are bored, sad people who intentionally try to upset you with antagonizing messages. They want you to respond. They go away if you ignore them.
– #dontbeweird
– Enjoy the show!


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