Girls REALLY Want To Adopt This Puppy | The Dodo

Girls REALLY Want To Adopt This Puppy | The Dodo
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Girls React to Puppy Surprise | These little girls are crying in the car because they left the shelter without their favorite puppy — but mom and dad have a surprise in store. Special thanks to Julie Dawn ( this incredible footage!

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  1. We know darn well when a connection is made with a potential Fur Baby. I don’t care what words your daughters used when they were expressing themselves from the heart! They felt the connection!
    Puppy’s body language said it all!
    Wishing all of you good health and joyous moments with the new addition to your family!

  2. 1 week later:
    Mom: "Hey girls. Who's turn is it to clean up Buddy's poop in the yard?"
    Daughter1: " It's her turn".
    Daughter 2: "No mom. It's her turn".
    Daughter 1: "she's the one who wanted the dog not me".
    Daughter 2: " you are such a liar. You were the one who was crying like a baby in the car".
    Daughter 1: "Mom tell her to stop making fun of me".

  3. They seem like good kids. I was wondering how quickly the younger girl would give up the puppy to her sister and she did so quite quickly, which is good to see.

  4. Okay, it's cute but regardless the parents are mean. They just want to make this video to make money. They build you up with us knowing they're going to get the puppy and then everybody wants to see the cute, crying reaction from the children. The parents make money from YouTube which is the entire reason for making the video. Utterly disgusting.
    Thumbs down. If more appear like this, unsubscribed.

  5. Why is it ok to wind kids up so they are sad and crying? Yes the puppy is cute and so are the kids but was there any need for the upsetting children ?

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